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My Direct Debit

Pay your Care Quality Commission (CQC) fees by instalment by setting up a Direct Debit payment.

Pay your annual fees by instalment

Pay your Care Quality Commission (CQC) annual registration fees by instalments by setting up a Direct Debit payment over a set maximum period of 10 months.

Please note you can only pay your CQC fees by direct debit if you are planning to pay by instalment. Sign Up for payment by Installment via Direct Debit Now

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Before you start

  • Ensure you have your T70 customer number found on your invitation letter and registered postcode to hand
  • You must be the authorised signatory on the account you want to make payments from. It must be a UK bank account
  • You will need your bank account details and a valid email address to hand
  • If your bank requires multiple signatures to authorise a direct debit set up, please download the Direct Debit Mandate (PDF) [98KB], complete ALL the fields (including the box on the right hand side that states "For Care Quality Commission Official Use Only - this means the information provided in this section is not passed to your bank) and return to

Are you having problems logging in?

Please ensure you are using the customer number quoted on the invitation letter sent to you. Please include the letter at the start of your customer number (following T70). E.g T70-H-xxxxxxxxx or T70-I-xxxxxxxxx

What are my fees?

To find out what your fees are expected to be please use the CQC consultation document found here.

Why haven't I received an invoice?

Invitation letters are distributed to eligible providers prior to their anniversary date and fees invoice being dispatched. If you set up for payment via direct debit you will receive a copy of your invoice via email on the 15th of your anniversary month to the email address you provided. Should you choose to not set up direct debit this will be posted to you on the 15th of your anniversary month.

When do you take my direct debit payments?

Payments will start on the 5th of the month following your direct debit invoice being issued. This date is unable to be amended.

I've missed my cut-off date, can I set up?

If you have missed your cut-off date on your invitation letter you may still be eligible to set up your direct debit, however, you will not be entitled to the full 10 month direct debit period. Should there be any issues with your direct debit a cancellation email will be issued to you, in this instance please contact us on the email provided on your cancellation email or call us on 0303 123 1155 (choose option 1 for CQC then option 1 for Direct Debit queries) to discuss your payment options.

Have you provided an up to date email address?

Please ensure that you provide an up to date email address which can be used for all correspondence relating to direct debits, invoices and payments. Please note that this information will not be shared with any third parties that are not directly involved with the collection of monies owed in relation to your annual fees invoice.

Please note, should you fail to comply with the Direct Debit Payment agreement, then we reserve the right to withdraw the Direct Debit payment facility from you, and the outstanding balance on your account will become immediately due.

Contact us

If you have any further queries regarding setting up a direct debit, please contact NHS Shared Business Services by:

  • Email: quoting your customer number or provider ID
  • Telephone: 0303 123 1155 (choose option 1 for CQC then option 1 for Direct Debit queries). Please ensure you have your customer number or provider ID to hand.
  • Our opening hours are 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)