Sustainability and Social Value

We are committed to incorporating sustainability into all aspects of our business.

At NHS SBS, we are committed to ensuring our services help to improve health outcomes, reduce the impact on the planet and deliver our services with purpose.

We believe that long term value comes from seeing success as part of a bigger picture encompassing people, the planet, and a sustainable business. Through our Sustainability and Social Value team, executive sponsorship and all of our colleagues, we work to ensure our business can support and enable sustainable economies, communities and the NHS.

Our colleagues at NHS SBS are passionate about working for a sustainable organisation and they care about ensuring the work we do has a positive impact, which is why strive to embed this into everything we do.

Our success as an organisation – and our ability to make a meaningful difference – means that we must consider the impacts of our business in all of these areas and determine how best we can apply our capabilities and resources to address them.

Our sustainability and Social Value Team

We have a dedicated and experienced sustainability and social value team across NHS SBS which is supported by Executive Level sponsorship. However, we recognise that it is everyone’s job to ensure we’re a sustainable organisation and that’s why we have an engaged and committed ‘Social Value Champions’ network to support the delivery of our objectives.

Sustainability news from around the business