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Supplier benefits

Connecting suppliers with NHS buyers The Edge4Health will open up the supply chain between suppliers and the NHS.

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Supplier benefits include:

Supplier Portal

A dedicated supplier portal will support suppliers to keep track of orders placed through The Edge4Health platform. A range of reporting and analytics benefits will also be accessible through the portal.

Showcase entire product range to more NHS Trusts

Loading an entire catalogue will allow suppliers to showcase entire product ranges to a significant number of NHS Trusts and potentially expand their market share.

Direct messaging

Integrated messaging and collaboration tools provide a fully audited trail enabling PO fixes ahead of order acceptance to ensure a smooth invoice and approval process.

Invoice e-transmission

Invoices can be raised and transmitted via The Edge4Health upon order delivery/receipt.

Payment status

View the status of your invoice within The Edge4Health and check it has been authorised for payment.

Supplier maintained catalogues minimising pricing queries

With content and price lists managed by suppliers and approved by Trust Buyers, PO and invoice discrepancies and queries should be reduced, with the ability of trusts to pay invoices quicker as a result.

Auto-Purchase Order (PO) flip

Invoices can be auto flipped where the PO, receipt and invoice match. A payment file will be automatically generated and paid by NHS SBS in accordance with payment terms.


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