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Employment Services

Our end-to-end portfolio of solutions mean you'll recruit, retain and support the very best employees to provide outstanding levels of service and care to patients across the UK.

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We know the challenge for NHS organisations is enhancing employment processes whilst driving down costs and improving care outcomes. We currently provide payroll and employee benefit services to over 390,000 NHS employees across 131 NHS clients. Our NHS employment service solutions are designed specifically for the NHS, adding value in the areas which really matter.

Employment Services Form
This is a directory of frequently asked questions.
Electronic Staff Records
Used by 99% of NHS trusts and holding data for around 1.4 million staff, the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) provides an integrated HR and payroll system to support workforce planning and management.
Payroll & Pensions
Our services offer a simple, flexible and robust way to manage your payroll and pension needs and delivers savings on paper-based alternatives.
Registration Authority
Our Registration Authority Bureau provides a service to over 5,800 employees, registering, verifying and managing Smartcard access to the NHS Care Records Service and additional healthcare applications using the Care Identity Service.
We'll enhance your recruitment processes to ensure they are efficient and cost-effective, through automation and the adoption of streamlined procedures, plus full visibility of the recruiting lifecycle.
Workforce Consultancy
We make it easy for you to find the right talent for your teams, and for them to find you, whilst delivering great employee experiences and driving efficiencies through expert support and best practice advice.

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