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A payslip app from NHS SBS


                            MySBSPay Factsheet                            

MySBSPay Factsheet

Welcome to MySBSPay where NHS employees can view and interrogate the elements of their payslip, see at a glance when they will be next paid with a countdown to their payday and compare their current payslip with a previous one. Additionally, NHS employees are able to have any payslip and payroll questions answered by using the app's Chatbots or by using the comprehensive FAQs. Employees will also be able to view P60s and other payroll documents straight from their phone.

Making everything easier to balance the demands of a busy personal and professional life, MySBSPay was designed and tested alongside doctors, nurses and others working in the NHS at some of the country's leading hospitals.

MySBSPay User & Support Guide

MySBSPay User & Support Guide



•  Access to historical and current payslips•  High street discounts and offers
•  Access to P60s•  Access to support via Chatbots and FAQs
•  A countdown to the next pay day (weekly and monthly)•  Other innovative updates


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Governance & Security

From a governance and security perspective, the free app ensures the safe management of all employee data.  Access to the app is at the discretion of the individual employee and where they choose to download it, and they are supported by a strictly controlled enrolment and authentication process.

Future Roadmap

Our strategy for the future roadmap of the app is clear. We will focus on growing and developing the functionality of MySBSPay incrementally by offering new and frequent value-added content, availability and more of those all-important tools, professional tools and lifestyle features. Continue to check back here for more news and details as we add new functionality and discounts.

Our Digital Innovation

At NHS Shared Business Services we are committed to delivering new innovative tools to making the lives of NHS Employees easier to manage - both professionally and personally. By launching this app, our aim is to make it easier for employees to balance the demands of their busy lives by allowing your employees to glance, check in detail and compare each payslip at the touch of a button.

For NHS organisations, it provides a way to give staff access to their payslips and other payroll documents on the go.

This is the start of a new direction for NHS SBS and its products and services, as we look to exploit our capabilities to grow by introducing new automation and robotics to deliver further transformation in our transactional offering.

This exciting new app is now available to download through the Google Play and Apple App Stores. Search for "MySBSPay" and download today!

Here you will find some brief FAQs with regards to using the MySBSpay App
Marketing & Comms Toolkit
The MySBSPay App toolkit from NHS SBS, features images and downloads about the app.
Case Studies
Real life examples of how NHS employees are benefitting from MySBSPay
MySBSPay News
News stories relating to MySBSPay

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