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Electronic Staff Records

Used by 99% of NHS trusts and holding data for around 1.4 million staff, the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) provides an integrated HR and payroll system to support workforce planning and management.

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The self-service functionality of the ESR offers easy access through a simple browser-based interface. The employee component (ESS) allows staff to view payslips, request annual leave and update personal information, while the manager component (MSS) allows managers to approve actions relating to their staff.

The Oracle Learning Management (OLM) functionality provides comprehensive real-time recording, reporting and control of activities related to the training, learning and development of staff. Employees can use the system to search a catalogue of class-based learning opportunities and enrol online for courses.



Our project management expertise will assist with rapid implementation of the project plan, effective use of resources, and a seamless roll-out of ESS and MSS in your organisation. Our expert guidance on configuration will allow for early realisation of the benefits, including employees and managers having full oversight and control of their data. Processing is automated, while the need for paper and multiple data recording is removed, allowing improved and more timely workforce information.



ESR allows you to allocate your resources efficiently by understanding the composition of your teams, from detailed workforce numbers to the diversity of staff, skills and competencies. The system allows you to analyse absence information to enable productive absence and attendance management. Insights into training will support your retention strategy by helping you to understand the skills of your workforce and plan for the future.

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