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Our modular, remote and highly secure solution is an easy to use payment method, reducing costs and improving efficiencies on expenses, salary claims and HR and absence. Complete with analytics it is accessible anywhere and means the end of paper forms.

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Staff productivity is a key area of focus in the Long Term Plan, with NHS organisations challenged to eliminate outdated, time-consuming processes and replace them with affordable, efficient ways of working, to allow an increased focus on patient care.

ePay is a secure, modular system delivering compliance, efficiency and reduced costs across:

  • Travel and expenses
  • Salary claims (including additional hours)
  • HR forms
  • Absence

"The introduction of ePay has made it easier for staff to track their claims and for managers to have full visibility of what is going through the system. The technology is user-friendly and the vast majority of staff have embraced it and view it very positively....
Through ePay we are not only saving time and money that can be better spent elsewhere, but have also taken a significant amount of paper out of our workforce processes"

David Everett, HR Information Manager
East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust


Cost effectiveFlexibleEfficient
Cost effective - the
ePay distance calculator enforces
a shortest distance rule on mileage
claims, which could deliver cost
savings of up to 18%*.
Flexible - available as a
complete, integrated solution, or as
standalone modules - helping you
stay in control of your budget.

Efficient - paper forms can be
phased out, supporting documents
scanned, workflows speeded up and
submission times extended so time
and resources can be released to
more important tasks.


Accessible anywhereControlled
Accessible anywhere - available on an
online web portal via both www and N3 networks giving
the convenience of 24/7 access, at work or home, to
employees and managers.
Controlled - built-in data validation, data
integrity and electronic audit trail, and user-configurable
authorisation workflows deter fraud and give you the
reassurance you need that processes are fully compliant.


InsightfulAccessibleEasy to use
Insightful - customised
reports give valuable insight
and help detect trends, enabling
organisations to identify and realise
cumulative efficiencies and savings.
Accessible - across
smartphone, tablet, laptop and
desktop for an optimal user
experience, whatever the device.

Easy to use - simple and
intuitive to use, with automated
progress and closedown
notifications, plus online help and
e-learning built in for quick adoption
and high user confidence.


ePay brochure NHS SBS ePay brochure [934KB]


To find out how our ePay solution can support your organisation to achieve its Long Term Plan objectives, please contact us on:
02380 711 000 |