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Exit Interview Service

Our tailored and independent service is designed to anonymise the exit interview process, providing NHS organisations with impartial, assured and open and honest feedback to help improve staff retention through both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Exit Interview Service

Recruiting and retaining staff, and reducing bank and agency costs are key areas of focus in the Long Term Plan. Gaining a better understanding of why staff leave helps NHS organisations develop more effective employee retention strategies and provides invaluable data to inform workforce priorities.

Exit Interview Service
"The NHS SBS independent exit interview process has enabled us to provide board level assurance that we are doing the right things. The invaluable narrative has given us new, important insights but also validated much of what we already knew and the steps already taken."

Ceri Connor, Associate Director of People and OD,
Solent NHS Trust

View the full Solent NHS Trust case study (PDF) [8MB]



- the service is delivered by independent HR professionals, enabling more open conversations than leavers often feel able to have with their manager or the Trust. So feedback is more honest and useful.


- all data collected is anonymised prior to reporting, allowing leavers to be confident they cannot be identified, and thus be open in their responses. Trusts can also be confident that any underlying issues or concerns will be revealed, and leavers can be signposted to assistance programmes if appropriate.


- the service has been developed to meet the unique needs of the NHS, and each report is customised to the requirements of the Trust concerned. Outcomes are therefore relevant to local challenges and inform local strategic priorities.


- each interview captures in-depth qualitative and quantitative leaver data including reasons for leaving and  what could have been done differently to affect the outcome, providing Trusts with valuable data and narrative to inform future workforce strategy.


- in a pilot study at Solent NHS Trust 85% of leavers participated fully in the Exit Interview Service, compared to 33% in the previous internal leaver feedback process. 94% of leavers rated the Exit Interview Service positively, highlighting its independence and anonymity.

Value for moneyValue for money

- we work with your team to fully understand your needs and then build a custom questionnaire for your organisation. Our process optimises the number of leavers participating in the service. This combination ensures optimal ROI and maximum potential impact on staff retention and future workforce strategy.


Exit Interview Service brochure NHS SBS Exit Interview Service brochure (PDF) [846KB]


To find out how our Exit Interview Service can support your organisation to achieve its Long Term Plan objectives, please contact us on:
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