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MySBSPay - The App for Everything Payroll

In these challenging times, tens of thousands of NHS employees have been enjoying the features and benefits of our Payroll App, MySBSPay.

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MySBSPay enables NHS employees to view and interrogate the elements of their payslip on the go, when they need to instead of consulting their physical paper payslips or logging onto ESR. Additionally, they can see at a glance when they will be next paid with a countdown to their payday as well as being able to compare their current payslips and P60s with a previous one.

Since late March, tens of thousands of NHS employees have enjoyed the benefits and flexibility of MySBSPay, with an increase of over 5000 in downloads and an additional 5,357 active weekly users.

The presence of our app, along with the features, benefits and advantages that it offers for both employees and their NHS organisations, makes our payroll service even more robust and resilient.

MySBSPay also features a wide range of key support to employees providing additional wellbeing, flexibility and financial benefits to employees to help their money go further.



  • Bio-metric log-in that makes it both easier but more secure to sign into the app
  •  Additional key worker support benefits for NHS employees
  •  User satisfaction functionality enabling users to rate the app and provide key feedback
  •  Downloadable PDF payslips
  •  New device sign-in notifications
  •   Post graduate loan deductions on P60s
  •   Refreshed interface making registration easier and whole user experience improved


Earnd - a New Benefit NHS Employees Using MySBSPay

Earnd is a new function that will enable employees to draw their earned salary in real time, for free and at the touch of a button. It will also be free to the NHS as their employer. Earned will be available through MySBSPay for NHS employees and employee data will never be sold.

At a time of unprecedented NHS workforce challenges, MySBSPay presents a more convenient, contemporary and user friendly way for NHS employees to access their pay information, minimising the need for pay-related queries and paper payslips. This contributes to increased NHS workforce efficiency and supports NHS organisations in aligning with the NHS Long Term Plan.

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Have you joined the many NHS organisations in encouraging your employees to download and use the MySBSPay App to access their pay information and key worker benefits?

The app is available for Apple and Android devices:

App Store

 Google Play

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