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Payroll & Pensions

Our services offer a simple, flexible and robust way to manage your payroll and pension needs and delivers savings on paper-based alternatives.

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Understanding your needs

We process 3.6 million payroll transactions each year, ensuring staff are paid correctly and on time. Our services include: HR transactional work; monthly, weekly and bank payrolls and payslip distribution; gross-to-net administration; reimbursement of travel, subsistence and expense claims; payroll reconciliation; payroll admin support such as mortgage references and Child Maintenance Service (CMS); and a full suite of reports and dashboards.

Our experience

Our payroll teams are already responsible for paying over 390,000 NHS employees each month, achieving 99.8% accuracy. Your dedicated client manager will provide information on call volumes, schedule regular service reviews to compare our performance with your service-level agreement (SLA) and identify opportunities for future service enhancements.

Our dedicated pensions team is responsible for administering 250,000 pensions and can provide specialist knowledge to help you quickly resolve enquiries on estimates, refunds, retirement benefits, workshops, training, ongoing support and employee queries.

Maximising resource

We can save clients up to 40% on the costs associated with processing payslips via our digital solution, which streamlines workflow to require minimal time and resource.

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