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Recruitment Services

Our flexible range of recruitment services is specifically tailored to meet the complex demands of the NHS from achieving HR process optimisation and workforce objectives to getting the right people in the right roles at the right time and retaining them.

Recruitment Services


Understanding your needs

We understand the challenges that each individual NHS organisation faces on a daily basis when it comes to recruitment. Each Trust has its own unique challenges and that is why we are proud to offer a consultancy service that is designed entirely for you.

Our knowledge, expertise and strategic partnerships will improve your recruitment campaigns, reduce your time to hire, your reliance on agency staff and your organisation's overall recruitment spend. Whilst supporting you, we help in securing the right employees to improve front-line patient care.

Our tailored dashboards and bespoke reports provide a comprehensive 'drill down' analysis of all aspects of your recruitment from equality data and geographical locations, individual vacancies and recruitment campaigns, KPI's and the length of the recruitment process, allowing you to review and identify where changes need to be made and what they entail.


The Challenges

The NHS faces a large-scale challenge of providing sufficient resources to meet increasing demand, whilst also reducing costs. The 5-Year Forward View (5YFV) shows that by 2020 the NHS will be significantly larger and therefore caring for many more patients than today. Additionally, requirements will be more complex and even more specific to certain organisations.

Therefore, the NHS will need to grow accordingly and the 5YFV report again highlights the need for Trusts to plan and recruit a larger workforce, without increasing administration costs. This means that Trusts must become much more efficient and effective in managing the demands of recruitment.


The Solutions

NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) offers a flexible range of recruitment services specifically tailored to meet the complex demands of the NHS. Whether you need an expert review of your current processes, want to optimise and make efficient your recruiting, or you are looking for a full end-to-end recruitment service, we have the expertise and knowledge to partner with you.

Our team of dedicated specialists help clients to achieve their workforce objectives by getting the right people in the right roles at the right time. They can also take care of the sourcing of your candidates, interview scheduling, employee checks and property management.


Our experience

Transforming recruitment throughout the NHS

Our experienced consultants will review your internal recruitment processes to see if your operation could be streamlined, identifying how to increase candidate attraction for hard to fill vacancies, which procedures could be automated or where a managed service approach could save you considerable time and money.

Exit Interview Service
Our tailored and independent service is designed to anonymise exit interview process and bespoke reports, which capture both leaver data for statistical analysis and qualitative information, providing Trusts with assured, open and honest feedback. This enables Trusts to focus on areas that have a big impact on staff retention.

Exit Interview Service (PDF) [823KB]

Consultancy & Advice
Our Consultancy and Advice service provides access to our NHS recruitment specialists. With over 10 years of experience in optimising recruitment processes in over 60 NHS Trusts, we use our extensive knowledge of NHS recruitment best practice to provide relevant and valuable guidance.

Michael Tresise (PDF) [110KB]

Optimisation and Transformation
Designed for NHS Trusts and STPs seeking to address the challenge of rationalising their back office services, our Optimisation and Transformation programme provides detailed analysis and comparison to best practice benchmarks, recommendations for transformation - including resources and organisation, optimisation of technology, management information and reporting.

Recruitment Process Optimisation (PDF) [400KB]

Campaign Support
Our Campaign Support enables Trusts to take advantage of our recruitment services on a one-off basis, whilst also providing an ideal opportunity to pilot our service. Our implementation roadmaps will help highlight quick wins, programmed improvements and long-term goals supported by a full business case.

Hard to Fill Posts (PDF) [454KB]

Managed Service
Our full end-to-end Managed Service supported by advanced recruitment technology, means you will always have full visibility in the process, whilst remaining in control. The service includes online requisition forms that provide an auditable approval process and a full suite of optimised processes configured specifically for NHS recruitment. The Managed Service provides full support to recruiting managers, training and management reports.

Recruitment Insight (PDF) [541KB]


Benefits of our Recruitment Services

 We can place employees in posts faster, cutting the overall cost to recruit and reduce your reliance on agency staff covering vacancies
 We can reduce the cost of routine processing - a benefit from our economies of scale and access to leading technology
 We offer a tailored service - as a trusted partner we work collaboratively with our clients to deliver a service which reflects the unique needs of each Trust
 Our services are delivered by experienced and knowledgeable teams with specialist NHS recruitment knowledge
Our recruitment service is fully compliant with employment standards and regulatory body requirements
 Our recruitment service delivers a positive candidate experience. Applicants experience a professional and seamless services, from application through to appointment and beyond
Recruit better employees and reduce staff turnover with NHS Shared Business Services as your partner


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Maximising resource

Our comprehensive Recruitment Services enable Trusts to optimise their recruitment processes and improve the candidate experience whilst achieving greater productivity in employment and human resources services across the NHS, freeing up your resources to focus on key areas.

Find out how NHS SBS can help you and your organisation, maximise your resources. (PDF) [1MB]

Learn about NHS SBS Best Practice. (PDF) [670KB]


Optimise and transform your recuitment processes

NHS SBS - Employment Services - Recruitment (PDF) [842KB]