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Free Webinars for NHS Employees

Welcome to our free to register employment services webinars, designed to give NHS employees key information on a range of hot topics, saving them time contacting our helpdesk.

NHS Shared Business Services have scheduled these webinars to help employees and employers understand key payroll and pension topics.

It's easy to book and participate!

Our webinars can run with a large number of attendees, so we have made it easy for you to book onto your chosen date with subjects running each month throughout 2020.

You can register for the webinar here and watch on your own device or on a large screen display should you want to participate together with a colleague or team.

We receive great feedback from NHS staff for our webinars so please let your colleagues and staff know that these are available for them to join by registering here.

Click on the date in the schedule tables below to book your place on our free webinars.


Which webinar should I attend?

Payroll webinars

Understanding Your Agenda for Change (AfC) Payslip - Suitable for newer employees to the NHS, this webinar is designed to give you an overview on how to read your NHS AfC payslip. This will cover the following:

  • Explanation of your pay, allowances & deductions
  • Differences between this pay period & year to date balance
  • Explanation of the abbreviations
  • Payslips in the MySBSPay App


How to Raise a Payroll and Pensions Query Through the NHS SBS Portal - An introduction to our self-service portal, this will cover the following:

  • How to register, set your log in details & change your password
  • Signing in & viewing your profile
  • Using the knowledge articles to find information
  • How to create a case for yourself
  • How to view a case & add comments


Tax (PAYE) Explained - This webinar provides a basic overview of how tax is calculated via the PAYE (pay as you earn) scheme in England, this will cover the following:

  • Understanding your tax code & tax allowance
  • The current tax thresholds
  • How tax is calculated
  • Different tax codes
  • P60, P45, P11d forms


National Insurance Explained - This webinar is designed to give a basic overview of how National Insurance (NI) is calculated, this will cover the following:

  • Who Pays NI?
  • Current NI categories
  • Current NI thresholds
  • How NI is calculated
  • Basic NI aggregation for two or more posts with the same employer


Understanding Your Maternity or Adoption Pay - This webinar is aimed at employees looking to start a family and find out about the maternity or adoption entitlement, this will cover the following:

  • Statutory maternity or adoption pay and eligibility
  • Occupational maternity or adoption pay and eligibility
  • Calculating average weekly earnings
  • Maternity or adoption leave
  • Keeping in touch days
  • Your NHS pensions contributions whilst on leave


Shared Parental Leave and Pay Explained - This webinar is aimed at employees looking to start a family and interested in find out how the can share the leave and pay with their partner. This will cover the following:

  • Statutory shared parental pay
  • Occupational shared parental pay and how this is shared depending on which partner works for the NHS
  • Shared parental leave
  • Shared parental in touch days
  • Eligibility and notice periods
  • How leave and pay can be split - scenarios


If you are interested in Shared Parental, we suggest attending the Maternity & Adoption webinar first to understand all your options.


Sickness and Absence Pay Explained - This webinar provides an overview of the sickness entitlement for NHS staff and will cover the following:

  • Statutory sick pay
  • Occupational sick pay
  • AFC Absence


The payroll webinars run once a month, with dates scheduled throughout 2020 and 2021. We are offer two dates per month; one at 10am and one at 5pm. Please click on the dates below to select your subject, date and register:

Webinar TopicOctober 2020November 2020December 2020January 2021February 2021March 2021
Understand Your AfC PayslipMonday 12th - 10amFriday 6th - 10amWednesday 2nd - 10amThursday 7th - 10amFriday 5th - 10amMonday 1st - 10am
Tuesday 27th - 5pmThursday 26th - 5pmTuesday 15th - 5pmMonday 18th - 5pmWednesday 17th - 5pmTuesday 23rd - 5pm
How to Raise a Payroll and Pensions Query Through the NHS SBS PortalTuesday 6th - 10amThursday 12th - 10amTuesday 1st - 10amFriday 15th - 10amThursday 11th - 10amFriday 12th - 10am
Thursday 15th - 5pmFriday 20th - 5pmThursday 10th - 5pmMonday 25th - 5pmFriday 26th - 5pmTuesday 30th - 5pm
Tax (PAYE) ExplainedWednesday 14th - 10amTuesday 10th - 10amMonday 7th - 10amWednesday 6th - 10amTuesday 2nd - 10amThursday 18th - 10am
Friday 23rd - 5pmMonday 30th - 5pmMonday 14th - 5pmTuesday 19th - 5pmTuesday 16th - 5pmThursday 4th - 5pm
National Insurance ExplainedThursday 8th - 10amWednesday 4th - 10amFriday 4th - 10amWednesday 13th - 10amMonday 15th - 10amFriday 19th - 10am
Tuesday 20th - 5pmWednesday 25th - 5pmWednesday 16th - 5pmThursday 28th - 5pmThursday 25th - 5pmFriday 5th - 5pm
Understanding Your Maternity or Adoption PayFriday 16th - 10amMonday 16th - 10amThursday 3rd - 10amFriday 8th - 10amThursday 4th - 10amMonday 8th - 10am
Wednesday 28th - 5pmTuesday 24th - 5pmFriday 11th - 5pmWednesday 20th - 5pmMonday 22nd - 5pmThursday 25th - 5pm
Shared Parental Leave and Pay ExplainedMonday 19th - 10amThursday 19th - 10amWednesday 9th - 10amMonday 11th - 10amMonday 8th - 10amWednesday 10th - 10am
Friday 30th - 5pmFriday 27th - 5pmMonday 21st - 5pmFriday - 22nd - 5pmTuesday 23rd - 5pmMonday - 29th - 5pm
Sickness and Absence Pay ExplainedFriday 2nd - 10amTuesday 3rd - 10amTuesday 8th - 10amTuesday - 12th -10amTuesday 9th - 10amWednesday 3rd - 10am
Wednesday 21st - 5pmTuesday 17th - 5pmThursday 17th - 5pmWednesday 27th - 5pmThursday 18th - 5pmMonday 22nd - 5pm


Blue line

Pension webinars

NHS Pension Scheme Pre-Retirement - The process of retiring and claiming benefits from the NHS Pension Scheme and when to submit a retirement application.

This will cover the following:

  • 1995/2008 and 2015 Schemes
  • How are pensions benefits calculated
  • Normal and early retirement
  • Applying for pension benefits
  • Working after retirement


Introduction to the NHS Pension Scheme Webinar for New Starters This is targeted at new starters to the organisation but can also be used for any employees who are members of the 2015 scheme and would like a brief overview or refresher on how the scheme works. This will cover the following:

  • Checking payslips, what payments are pensionable and contributions rates
  • How 2015 scheme pensions benefits are calculated
  • Opting out, refunds and transfers
  • Types of retirement
  • Ill health and life assurance benefits
  • Increasing pensions benefits


The pension webinars run once a month and we have dates scheduled through to 2021. Please click on this link to select your subject, date and register:

Webinar TopicNovember
Pre-Retirement Webinar

Wednesday 18th - 6- 7.30pm

Monday 14th - 10-11.30am

Tuesday 12th - 2-3.30am

Wednesday 10th - 6-7.30pm

Thursday 11th - 10-11.30am

Friday 16th - 2-3.30am

Tuesday 11th - 6-7.30pm

Wednesday 9th - 10-11.30am

Thursday 15th - 2-3.30am

Tuesday 10th - 6-7.30pm

Wednesday 8th - 10-11.30am

Introduction to the NHS Pension Scheme Webinar

Wednesday 11th - 3.30-5pm

Monday 7th - 10-11.30am

Tuesday 5th - 2 -3.30pm

Wednesday 3rd - 3:30 -5pm

Thursday 4th - 10 -11.30am

Friday 9th - 2 -3.30pm

Tuesday 4th - 3:30 -5pm

Wednesday 2nd - 10-11.30am

Thursday 8th - 2-3.30pm

Tuesday 3rd - 3:30 -5pm

Wednesday 1st - 10-11.30am


Joining the webinar

After registering for the chosen date, a confirmation email containing joining instructions will be sent.

Before joining, can you please ensure IT systems have been checked to avoid any connectivity issues before the webinar starts.

You can test your IT equipment is compatible by visiting the following link:
There will be a choice between sound being available through a PC or laptop or via a telephone line.

Please note, if you are experiencing issues loading the page to register for one of our webinars using Internet Explorer, please try using another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.


Contact us

If you have any queries regarding the webinars then please get in touch with us by emailing:

Payroll webinars: sbs-s.training@nhs.net

Pension Webinars: sbs-s.pensions@nhs.net

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