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Workforce Consultancy & ESR Self Service

Our Workforce Consultancy delivers valuable efficiencies throughout NHS workforces, delivering improved productivity through the control of new or existing processes. We conduct in-depth analysis of existing processes, focussing especially on those that are outdated, non-standard, and time-consuming or error-prone, highlighting which can be replaced with more modern, efficient ways of working to bring about operational cost savings.

  • Our expert guidance on ESR configuration delivers automated processing and control of data
  • ESR implementation removes the need for multiple recording and paper, allowing improved and timelier workforce information
  • ESR Self-service Improves staff retention, productivity and wellbeing, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks like supporting frontline care.



With digital technology playing an increasingly important role in ensuring a happy and efficient NHS workforce, existing solutions that are already available could help NHS organisations align with the NHS Operational Planning and Contacting Guidance for 2020/21.

As the NHS has become accustomed to operating differently as a result of Covid-19, one of the consequences has been the acceleration of digital solutions. This has hastened the digital transformation of some clinical services, with NHS organisations now looking at how technology can deliver greater workforce efficiencies, which can also make the lives of NHS workers easier.

The clear focus on digital transformation within the NHS Long Term Plan, for example, and the formation of NHSX to drive digital priorities, such as interoperability, user experience and innovation, are part of an NHS commitment that 'digitally-enabled care will go mainstream across the NHS'.

The good news for NHS organisations is that there has already been significant investment in workforce technologies that address the admin burden on NHS workers...

Our complete process review will show you how to optimise your time whether moving paper processes to online transactions or completing a full move across to robotics.

Information on our Outsourcing Healthcheck. [401KB]

Information on our Healthcheck Consultancy. [568KB]

Information on our Live Report and Dashboard Creation. [501KB]

Information on our Operational Change and Project Support. [474KB]


Register to instantly watch our free, non-obligation, pre-recorded webinar on Manager Self-service to find out more about how ESR Self-service can benefit your organisation.


ESR is used by almost every NHS organisation in the country, but the reality is that it is not being used to anywhere near its full potential.

The reason for this is that most NHS employers only use the HR and Payroll modules and ignore other functionality, such as...

  • Base Establishment Controls
  • Manager Self-service (MSS)
  • Oracle Learning Management (OLM) and e-Learning
  • Career Management
  • Performance Management Plans.


We can help you get the most out of these tools with our ESR Self-service implementation, optimisation and tailored training.

Our services include the following:

ESR BenefitsCurrent process review that identifies where ESR Self-service would benefit youComprehensive ESR Review Our experts provide a comprehensive ESR review and data cleanse
Additional BenefitsThe additional benefits you can unlock if you are already using ESR Self-serviceDetailed Analysis We provide detailed analysis and configuration on each of the ESR modules
Full Implementation Services Our full implementation services use the Prince 2 methodologyChange ManagementFull implementation of ESR Self-service within weeks through change management
Bespoke TrainingOur flexible and blended approach includes full bespoke training modules tailored to youPersonalised Webinars Additional support and training using personalised webinars and collateral

Information on our ESR Self-service [561KB]

Information on our ESR Training & Education [700KB]

Find out how NHS SBS can help you and your organisation, maximise your resources. [474KB]




NHS SBS has so far helped over 134 NHS providers streamline ESR, partnering with some of the largest forward-thinking organisations to release valuable workforce efficiencies and operational costs.

Unrivalled ExpertiseUnrivalled Expertise
Our team - some of which were originally employed to lead the ambitious rollout of ESR - have unmatched experience in migrating data from HR and payroll platforms and implementing Manager Self-service efficiently and effectively.
Scope and ScalabilityScope and Scalability
Our scope, scalability and subject matter expertise makes us perfect partners to review, suggest, implement and train your workforces on how to get the most out of ESR Self-service and unlocking additional benefits.
Project & Change ManagementProject & Change Management
Our Project and Change Management teams can carry out everything required from doing a comprehensive ESR data cleanse and review of existing data to successfully implementing ESR Manager Self-service functionality.
Value for Money and Quality Assurance Value for Money and Quality Assurance
Our experience and expertise means we understand the NHS landscape and are aligned to NHS strategies to reduce risk and minimise investment burden. We also share a common goal in that we aim to improve quality and efficiency.

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Register to instantly watch our free, non-obligation, pre-recorded webinar on Manager Self-service to find out more.


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 Talk to us... email our friendly team at sbs.employmentservices.enquiries@nhs.net

What do our existing clients say?

"CPFT decided to use NHS SBS to support them with the implementation of MSS Self-service to provide expertise and guidance on the functionality of the system. The support they gave the Project Team has been paramount to its success. Their expertise, support and guidance has given the team the confidence. to raise and escalate issues at the time and issues that arise could be actioned and dealt with quickly."

Alex O'Gorman

Workforce Development Manager

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT)


Sean Hopkins Sean Hopkins is Head of Programmes and Technology for Employment Services at NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS). Having been on the original team for the national implementation of ESR (Electronic Staff Record), Sean and his specialist team now help NHS organisations to maximise the potential of this existing technology and find transformational workforce efficiencies.

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