Hamza Hussain at The Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress - Thurs 23 May at 1.30pm

Digital & IT Senior Category Manager, Hamza Hussain is attending The Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress in Belfast on 23 May as they focus on artificial intelligence (AI). Hamza will give an overview of how framework agreements work and how they support AI implementation. Hamza will also be joining a panel discussion around AI.

Topics of discussion

What are procurement framework agreements?
Procurement frameworks are agreements that enable NHS organisations to buy services and goods from suppliers that have met markers of safety and usefulness.

Why should I care?
Of the estimated £30 billion the NHS spends on goods and services from other companies each year, around £25 billion is spent through procurement frameworks. It is much easier for trusts and ICBs to adopt clinical AI products if they have been listed on a procurement framework and also easier for manufacturers to sell products when listed on a framework agreement without having to go through a full open procurement process.


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