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Edge for Health

Delivered by NHS SBS, powered by Virtualstock.

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We will help you realise significant savings and efficiencies by bringing your procure to pay process online - the solution is a first for the NHS. 

A new retail-standard 'Amazon-style' marketplace allows you to choose and buy from thousands of products in one place - just like your weekly food shop.  All the administrative process is taken care of by the system to deliver 'the perfect order'.

The simple-to-use eMarketplace is being rolled out across the NHS at scale and pace through our partnership with technology company, Virtualstock.


Understanding your needs

We know how hard it can be for you to manage the source to settle process within your hospitals.  It currently relies on laborious and often lengthy processes, requiring many staff and systems, making it difficult to have complete control of your supply chain and inventories.    The lack of system-wide data and intelligence can be costly.   But, whilst there is a real appetite for a new solution, there are a number of challenges that you are facing which we will help you to overcome.

Our experience

By partnering with Virtualstock, the company who built the ecommerce platform for Tesco, Argos and others, we are pioneering the transition from a manual to online 'procure-to-pay' across the NHS.

Over the last two-decades we have amassed a unique understanding of our clients and their systems, so our technical teams have integrated the new technology with all the right platforms and processes.   Combined with the support of our migration team and training packages means The Edge for Health is rolled out across providers in a considered and comprehensive way.

Maximising resource

There are multiple advantages for transacting with the NHS using one platform for buyers and suppliers.  The system offers greater transparency and visibility across the whole process to save millions of pounds in time and resources.

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