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Process Updates: Invoice Verification

Invoice verification is now completely onshore and the progress of training up staff has moved quickly and successfully.

However, the team have a high volume of backlog for verification. We have created a recovery plan, and are hopeful that these will be cleared, stabilised, and flowing through in good time within the next couple of months.

To support this process further an upgrade to our Invoice verification software was undertaken during the weekend of 11/12 September. This upgrade delivers several  benefits to the scanning OCR (Optical Character Recognition) accuracy, which will  help improve the quality of data capture and reduce the volume of manual verification required going forward.

To further reduce the need for manual invoice verification we would also like to remind our clients of our e-invoicing platform via Tradeshift. Suppliers who submit their invoices electronically through Tradeshift will benefit from real time validation rules. This ensures that invoices are submitted correctly first time and not rejected and returned should they fail the manual verification process which can ultimately increase the time for payment.

Also, importantly, submitting invoices electronically supports the NHS Net Zero Strategy and commitment for the NHS to reach net zero by 2045.

You can find out more about electronic invoicing and Tradeshift here.