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VAT Services

With extensive knowledge on the complex NHS VAT rules and a new cutting-edge analysis system, we drive VAT compliance through enhanced VAT Return services, day-to-day support and a multitude of technical consultancy services.

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Understanding your needs

Our specialist VAT consultancy team will work in partnership with you to continually implement improvements to achieve greater efficiency and overall performance. Our consultancy service includes a range of expertise, from partial exemption and VAT recovery methodologies, capital VAT handling and international VAT, to business activity reviews, HMRC negotiations and land and property issues.

Our experience

Whether you opt for our complete consultancy package or individual solutions, our consultants will use their extensive understanding of the NHS complexities and challenges you face to support you to: plan and manage your VAT; significantly improve cash flow by identifying areas for VAT recovery and process improvement; keep you up-to-date with the latest VAT developments; and fully training your team. 

Maximising resource

Our VAT consultancy can generate savings on the cost of employing other external consultants. You'll also benefit from improved management and reporting; a strong focus on measuring and quantifying VAT processes and opportunities; continuity of service and minimisation of risk by tracking VAT activity in key areas; and full integration with the existing finance and accounting core service provision.

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