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Preparing VAT returns for over 200 clients. With more than 12 years experience, a bespoke NHS system & specialist team, we have the experience you can trust.

Specialist Advice Delivering Excellence
Specialist Advice
Our VAT Consultants all have extensive experience in NHS
, with a team history working at HMRC, other NHS
organisations and at various tax advisory firms.
Backed by our VAT compliance team, with over 40 NHS VAT
and our bespoke VAT system, responsible to the
delivery of over 280 NHS VAT returns each month.
We are proud of what we have to offer and are certain we can
help you with an excellent service.


Delivering Excellence
Whether you opt for our complete consultancy package or
individual solutions, our consultants will use their extensive
understanding of the NHS complexities and challenges you
face to support you to:
Optimise your VAT Recovery
• Work with you face to face
• Support on all of your VAT matters and identify
• Keep you up-to-date with the latest VAT developments
Training your team
Driving Efficiency
Driving Efficiency
With constant cost pressures facing the NHS, a robust VAT strategy plays a significant role.
Our full VAT packages bring our consultants to you face to face at the best value.
Stay ahead of the curve, VAT should be considered with almost every new venture, we will support
a culture of awareness across your organisation and help you stay clear of avoidable VAT bills.


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We continuously strive to be the best we can be. See an overview of our bespoke NHS VAT system here: