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Framework FAQs

Click on the individual procurement questions for your answers about NHS SBS frameworks.

A framework agreement is an agreement between a Contracting Authority (e.g. NHS SBS, an NHS Trust, or a Local Authority) and one or more suppliers.
NHS SBS framework agreements are available without charge to all UK public sector organisations, including the NHS, local authorities and more.
NHS SBS frameworks are easy to access and utilise; they are designed to ensure competitive pricing, and help drive savings and improve efficiencies.
Find out information about the customers of the NHS SBS framework agreements.
If you have any queries about any NHS SBS frameworks agreements, please use the contact form or call us.
Information on how you can become a supplier on an NHS SBS framework agreement.
View details about the renewal and expiry dates of NHS SBS framework agreements.
Contact the NHS SBS procurement team if you have new products or services you think we should know about.
Information on which goods and services are covered by NHS Shared Business Services' framework agreements.
Information for small and medium sized enterprises who wish to express an interest in becoming suppliers for NHS SBS frameworks.
EU Supply is the system that we use for running procurement/ competitive processes at NHS SBS.

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