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Patient Discharge and Mental Health Step Down Beds (Care) Services

Patient Discharge and Mental Health Step Down Beds Services Framework Agreement

Reference: 10230

Framework Agreement Description

The Patient Discharge and Mental Health Step Down Beds (Care) Services Framework Agreement has been developed to reduce the demand on NHS Trusts by supporting with their adult patient discharge pathways

The framework agreement aims to:
• Facilitate transfer of patients from hospital beds to a more appropriate level of care.
• Supply additional bed capacity within the NHS urgent care system infrastructure by relieving bed pressures within the local health economy.
• Discharge patients meeting specific clinical criteria into an appropriate care setting, reducing instances of re-admission to hospital.
• Allow patients to have personalised one-to-one support maintaining continuity of care. Provide a dedicated pathway to hospital discharge management services.

This framework agreement was procured in accordance with The Public Contracts Regulations (PCR) 2015. We expect this to remain a complaint route to market until it reaches the framework agreement expiry date, and we will continue to support customers as they procure under current regulations or the upcoming Health Care Services (Provider Selection Regime) Regulations 2023 as appropriate. If you have any questions, please contact the team.

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Download the Framework Agreement Flyer

Patient Discharge and Mental Health Step Down Beds (Care) Services Framework Agreement (PDF) [221KB]

Framework Agreement Information Patient Discharge and Mental Health Step Down Beds Services Framework Agreement

When does the framework agreement start?
17 July 2023 - 16 July 2026 (with an option to extend a further 12 months)

Who can take advantage?
All Public Sector Organisations across the United Kingdom.

What does this framework agreement cover?
The Patient Discharge and Mental Health Step Down Beds (Care) Services Framework Agreement offers support to hospitals in the discharge of adults and improves the patient pathway, from acute care to an appropriate care setting. It helps to streamline the transition from hospital to the community/care homes, and therefore reduces delayed transfers of care and unavoidable re-admissions to hospital.

The framework agreement has been structured into the following Lots:
• Lot 1: Discharge to Assess Services
- This lot facilitates patient discharge not only from emergency departments but also from the wider acute hospital and community care settings.
• Lot 2: Third Party Brokerage Services
- This lot supplies brokerage services for hospital patients whose needs are to be met when they are fit to be discharged from hospital.
• Lot 3: Virtual Ward Support Services
- This lot supplies a "secondary care" service within a patients care setting for up to 6 weeks. Patients are transferred to the Virtual Ward Support Service following referral from the Trusts' clinical discharge teams on acceptance by service leads.
• Lot 4: Mental Health Step Down Care Beds Services
- This lot is focused on securing Mental Health Step Down Care supported placements which must provide safe, rapid assessments with an outcome of accommodation that would support patients who are 18+ currently enduring mental ill-health and are being discharged from an acute ward for a period of up to six weeks.

What are the benefits of using the framework agreement?
• Reduced length of acute bed stays post medical discharge
• Support the reduction in acute trust unplanned re-admission rates and generate savings to participating authorities from re-admissions
• Reductions in cancellations of elective operations because of a lack of bed capacity.
• Reduce inappropriate discharge of patients during out of hours.
• Reduce bureaucracy and confusion around Patient Discharge processes which lead to delays for patients and add cost to the system.
• To facilitate efficient and effective communication and coordination between health and awarded providers within social care in order to meet specific patient needs.
• Support adequate and timely information which must be shared between services whenever there is a transfer of care between individuals or services.


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Supplier Details and Lot Structure

SupplierLot 1Lot 2Lot 3Lot 4
Airmid Staffing Limited​X X 
British Red Cross​X   
Direct Healthcare 24​X   
Healthcare at Home​X X 
Healthnet Homecare Ltd​X X 
Highlands Care Solutions​X  X
Homelink Healthcare​X X 
MCB Software Services​XX X
Onecare UK LtdX  X
Pulse Healthcare LtdXXX 
Sunrise Rehabilitation Ltd​X  X


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