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Vehicle Fleet Management (Vehicle Solutions)

Savings offered and potential income generated

Lot 1 - Vehicle Solutions

Reference: SBS/18/DT/XCB/9322

Framework Agreement Description

The Vehicle Fleet Management Framework enables the NHS and public sector authorities to procure vehicles and services under the following components, to save time and money:
• Car schemes via salary deduction, salary sacrifice or lease
• Fleet vehicle management
• Grey fleet management
• Electronic expenses
• Insurance mediation, accident management and claims administration
• Supply of vehicles on contract hire and other funding arrangements, using multiple suppliers

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Vehicle Fleet Management inc. Salary Sacrifice and Deduction [307KB]

Framework Agreement Information Vehicle Solutions Framework - Vehicle Lease and Hire and Vehicle Fleet Management

When does the framework run?
01 October 2018 until 30 September 2022

Who can take advantage of the framework?
NHS and Public Sector Organisations within the UK

The vehicle solutions framework is broken down into 3 Lots:
• LOT 1 - Vehicle Fleet Management
The provision of a staff vehicle salary sacrifice or salary deduction scheme
• LOT 2 - Vehicle Lease and/or Hire
The provision of lease or hire of vehicles to include but is not limited to: cars, vans, ambulances and minibuses
• LOT 3 - Fuel Cards
The provision of fuel cards for public sector authorities

What does Lot 1 of the framework cover?
• Car Schemes via salary deduction, salary sacrifice or lease
• Fleet Vehicle Management
• Grey Fleet Management
• Electronic Expenses
• Insurance Mediation, accident management and claims administration
• Supply of vehicles on contract hire and other funding arrangements, using multiple suppliers

What are the benefits of using the framework?
• Direct award and mini-competition options to deliver the most economically advantageous outcome.
• A detailed OJEU procurement exercise has taken place to ensure that suppliers selected meet all legislative requirements; therefore no formal tendering is required, saving valuable time and money in the procurement process.

What are the benefits of a salary sacrifice/deduction scheme?
• Full end to end solution - insurance, breakdown cover and accident management built in for a convenient monthly fee.
• Salary Sacrifice schemes are fully HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) approved.
• Simple online vehicle acquisition process via your chosen supplier.
• No deposit required.
• Competitive vehicle prices due to corporate discounts achieved by the Fleet Management providers.
• Ultra-low emission vehicles (CO2 emissions up to 75g/km) bring additional savings from tax.
• Savings can still be made outside Ultra-low emission vehicles due to impacts such as insurance cost, type of fuel, amount of discount achieved by supplier and the driver's tax rate.
• Management information systems are made available to employers which help to drive further efficiencies.
• Efficiencies made via reduced electronic expenses.
• Grey fleet management and electronic expenses can be provided.
• Specialist consultancy advice provided by experienced suppliers.

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    Supplier Details


    LOT 1 - Vehicle Fleet Management

    LOT 2 - Vehicle Lease and/or Hire

    LOT 3 - Fuel Cards

    Allstar Business Solutions Ltd



    Alphabet (GB) Limited




    Arnold Clark Vehicle Management








    GMP Drivercare Ltd



    Harvest Energy Ltd



    Knowles Associates Total Fleet Management Limited



    Daimler Fleet Management UK Ltd




    NHS Fleet Solutions



    Fuel Mate







    TCH Leasing




    fuelGenie business fuel card




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