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Communication Appointment Reminder Alert Services 2

Framework Agreement Description 

This Communication Appointment Reminder Alert Services Framework provides a compliant route to market to access communication and appointment reminder technology to support with minimising the number of missed patient appointments. Please see below for further details,including the benefits of using this NHS SBS framework.


Framework Agreement Information

Communication Appointment Reminder Alert Services 2 [298KB]

Communication Appointment Reminder Alert Services 2

When does it start?

01 September 2017 to 31 August 2021

Who can take advantage?

NHS and Public Sector Organisations, especially local authorities


About this Framework Agreement
Lot 1 
- SMS Managed Service
This method is the most common due to the increasing use
of text messages - especially with younger people, who are
most likely to forget about appointments.
Lot 2 - Managed Email Solutions
This method is intended for personal computers and hand
held devices such as smart phones. This service has all the
functionality of the text message service while having nany
of the character limits.
Lot 3 - Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
This method uses secure IVR messaging via mobile and
landline phones.
Lot 4 - Agent Calls
This method uses decentralised remote agents to make
outgoing calls only. This may include short term call offs and
the use of temporary agents to cover fluctuations in demand.
Lot 5 - Hybrid Mail
This method allows for mail to be sent from an on or off site
location to be printed and sent using digital data.
Lot 6 - Internet Communication
This method allows for communication through online
services such as smartphone applications.

Benefits of using this agreement
Organisations can specify their exact needs and
tailor services to get best value and 'fit'.
Opportunity to bundle service areas together to deliver
efficiency and enhance savings.
Supplier performance, customer satisfaction and spend
against this contract are monitored on an ongoing basis by
No need to run complex procurements in-house.
Opportunity to access innovative solutions and products
through suppliers known for technological advancements.
Opportunity to meet the bespoke requirements of each
organisation and drive down pricing.
Are undertaken to verify interpreter qualifications, language
ability, employment references and basic/enhanced DBS checks.
Lots broken down into separate areas to increase
specialities of the suppliers.


Framework Agreements & Support Framework Agreements & Support

Supplier Details and Lots




 Lot 1 SMS Healthcare Communications UK Ltd, Netcall Telecom Ltd,
 OpenMarket, Soft Option Technologies, SRCL, Storacall Technology
 Ltd (ta X-on), Textlocal, Wirefast Limited
 Lot 2 Email DrDoctor, Healthcare Communications UK Ltd, Netcall Telecom Ltd,
 OpenMarket, SRCL, Synertec Limited
 Lot 3 IVR Healthcare Communications UK Ltd, OpenMarket, Netcall Telecom
 Ltd, SRCL, Storacall Technology Ltd (ta X-on)
 Lot 4 Agent Calls Healthcare Communications UK Ltd, SRCL, Stellar Europe LLC
 Lot 5 Hybrid Mail CFH Docmail Ltd, Healthcare Communications UK Ltd, MBA Group
 Limited, Royal Mail Group, Paragon Customer Communications,
 SRCL, Swiss Post Solutions LTD, Synertec Limited
 Lot 6 Internet Communication Healthcare Communications UK Ltd, Netcall Telecom Ltd,
 OpenMarket, Soft Option Technologies, SRCL


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Framework Contact Info Telephone

E: NSBS.contractenquiries@nhs.net

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