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Domestic, Commercial Products and Appliances

Framework Agreement Description

This Domestic, Commercial Products and Appliances Framework provides a compliant route to access various domestic and commercial products including furniture, soft furnishings, white goods, TV and AV, catering equipment and anti-ligature products. Please see below for further details about the framework including full details of the lots/scope.


Framework Agreement Information

Domestic, Commercial Products and Appliances [239KB]

Domestic, Commercial Products and Appliances

When does it start?
09 January 2015 until 02 September 2019

Who can take advantage?
All NHS SBS Members and Associate Members


What Does It Cover?
The Domestic, Commercial Products and Appliances framework covers all products ranges within each of the 11 lots, covering furniture, white goods, TV and AV, catering equipment, soft furnishings and anti-ligature. Successful suppliers' whole range in each area has been included and can be purchased, and has been uploaded onto GHX Nexus.

Why should I use it?
Trusts have the ability to directly call off a supplier from their desired lot, saving trusts time and resources in running their own tender processes.
By consolidating their spend for each individual lot, trusts will be able to obtain a Volume Based Discount in the form of a rebate.
Reduction in prices compared to trusts sourcing the market individually.
Flexible agreement with lots broken down into separate areas, increasing specialities of the suppliers.
Trusts have the option to run mini-competitions from the framework for large, bespoke pieces of work, in order to meet trust specific requirements.
When combining their spend with other trusts, a large volume based discount can be achieved.
A large and comprehensive range of products are provided under the framework.
Tender process has already taken place so trusts are aware that all suppliers meet all legislative requirements.


Framework Agreements & Support Framework Agreements & Support

Supplier Details




 Lot 1 Furniture Amaryllis Group Holding Ltd, EFG Office Furniture, Furnished Homes, Gresham Office Furniture Limited, H Jenkinson and company, Renray Healthcare, Senator International, Southerns Broadstock Ltd, Triumph Furniture, Wagstaff Interiors Group, Welltex
 Lot 2 Challenging Environment Furniture Furnished Homes, Knightsbridge Furniture, Pineapple Contracts, Renray Healthcare, Southerns Broadstock Ltd, Teal Furniture, Tough Furniture, Triumph Furniture, Wagstaff Interiors Group
 Lot 3 Bariatric Furniture Knightsbridge Furniture, Renray Healthcare, Southerns Office, Teal Furniture, Wagstaff Interiors Group
 Lot 4 White Goods - Domestic and Commercial Furnished Homes, Stearn Electrics
 Lot 5 White Goods - Clinical Glen Dimplex, Labcold Ltd, Stearn Electrics
 Lot 6 TV & AV Equipment CDEC Limited, GV Multi-media, Involve Visual Collaboration, ProAV, Pure Audio Visual, Saville Audio Visual, Stearn Electrics, Viewpoint Training Environments
 Lot 7 Catering Equipment - Large Goods Stearn Electric
 Lot 8 Catering Equipment - Small Goods Stearn Electric
 Lot 9 Soft Furnishing - Blinds Francis Price Contracts, Welltex
 Lot 10 Soft Furnishing - Curtains Francis Price Contracts, Welltex
 Lot 11 Anti-Ligature Products and Accessories Francis Price Contracts, Knightsbridge, Tough Furniture, Welltex


Framework Contact Info Telephone

E: NSBS.contractenquiries@nhs.net

For more framework agreements see our  Framework Agreements Portfolio [438KB]

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