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Link 2: IT Hardware and Services

Framework Agreement Description

This framework provides a compliant route to access IT hardware products including laptops, tablets, printers as well as deployment services and warranty services. Further detail can be found below.


Framework Agreement Information

Link 2: IT Hardware and Services [225KB]

Link 2: IT Hardware and Services

When does it start?
13 December 2016 until 12 December 2019

Who can take advantage?
All NHS SBS Members and Associate Members


What does it cover?
PC/Client hardware:
• Laptops
• Tablets
• Specialist clinical IT hardware
• Printers
• Green IT
• Deployment services
• Medical grade monitors
• Third-party warranty provision
• One-stop shop

Why should I use it?
Supplier range ensures Trusts are supplied with IT solutions tailored to their needs and competitive pricing.
No need for Trusts to run their own tendering process.
By adopting a collaborative approach this enables lower pricing and cost-savings; by sharing the costs of programme management and procurement support.

Trusts are available to conduct a direct call off or undertake a mini-competition.
Upgrade of specifications over life-span of agreement.
The framework provides assurance of supply for all IT hardware covered under the agreement and is fully OJEU compliant.


Framework Agreements & Support Framework Agreements & Support

Supplier Details




 Lot 1 Desktops Centerprise, Dell, HP, Softcat, SCC, Stone, XMA
 Lot 2 Laptops Centerprise, Dell, HP, Insight Direct, Softcat, SCC, Stone, XMA
 Lot 3 Tablets, Slate Computers Centerprise, Dell, Insight Direct, Softcat, Software Box, Stone, XMA
 Lot 4 Specialist Healthcare Related IT Hardware Centerprise, Insight Direct, Parity Computers, Softcat, SCC
 Lot 5 Clinical Monitors, Medical Displays Dell, Parity Computers, Softcat, SCC, Stone
 Lot 6 "Green" Sustainably Sourced IT Hardware HP, Stone, XMA
 Lot 7 Printers, Scanners, Asset Scanners Centerprise, Insight Direct, HP, Softcat, SCC, Stone, XMA
 Lot 8 Deployment Services Centerprise, Softcat, SCC, Stone, XMA
 Lot 9 Third Party warranty providers Dacoll, Esteem Systems, Insight Direct, Softcat, XMA
 Lot 10 One Stop Shop HP, Insight Direct, Softcat, SCC, Stone


Framework Contact Info Telephone

E: NSBS.contractenquiries@nhs.net

For more framework agreements see our  Framework Agreements Portfolio [402KB]

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