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Link 2: IT Hardware and Services

Framework Agreement Description

The link 2 framework provides IT hardware and IT services to the NHS and wider public sector organisations. This framework for IT hardware products includes laptops, tablets, printers as well as deployment services and warranty services. Also included in this IT framework is specialist clinical IT hardware, green IT specialist healthcare related IT hardware, medical grade monitors, plus office and medical prescription printers.

Download the Framework Flyer

Link 2: IT Hardware and Services [465KB]

Link 2: IT Hardware and Services

Framework Agreement Information

When does it start?
13 December 2016 until 12 March 2021

Who can take advantage?
All NHS SBS Approved Organisations

What does the framework cover?
PC/Client hardware:
• Laptops
• Tablets
• Specialist clinical IT hardware
• Printers
• Green IT
• Deployment services
• Medical grade monitors
• Third-party warranty provision
• One-stop shop

What are the benefits of using the framework?
Supplier range ensures Trusts are supplied with IT solutions tailored to their needs and competitive pricing.
No need for Trusts to run their own tendering process.
By adopting a collaborative approach this enables lower pricing and cost-savings; by sharing the costs of programme management and procurement support.
Trusts are available to conduct a direct call off or undertake a mini-competition.
Upgrade of specifications over life-span of agreement.
The framework provides assurance of supply for all IT hardware covered under the agreement and is fully OJEU compliant.

View the framework agreements View the framework agreements

Supplier Details




 Lot 1


 Centerprise, Dell, HP, Softcat, SCC, Stone, XMA

 Lot 2


 Centerprise, Dell, HP, Insight Direct, Softcat, SCC, Stone, XMA

 Lot 3

 Tablets, Slate Computers

 Centerprise, Dell, Insight Direct, Softcat, Software Box, Stone, XMA

 Lot 4

 Specialist Healthcare Related IT Hardware

 Centerprise, Insight Direct, Parity Computers, Softcat, SCC

 Lot 5

 Clinical Monitors, Medical Displays

 Dell, Parity Computers, Softcat, SCC, Stone

 Lot 6

 "Green" Sustainably Sourced IT Hardware

 HP, Stone, XMA

 Lot 7

 Printers, Scanners, Asset Scanners

 Centerprise, Insight Direct, HP, Softcat, SCC, Stone, XMA

 Lot 8

 Deployment Services

 Centerprise, Softcat, SCC, Stone, XMA

 Lot 9

 Third Party warranty providers

 Dacoll, Esteem Systems, Insight Direct, Softcat, XMA

 Lot 10

 One Stop Shop

 HP, Insight Direct, Softcat, SCC, Stone


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Framework Contact Info Telephone

E: NSBS.contractenquiries@nhs.net

For more framework agreements see our  Framework Agreements Portfolio [569KB]

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