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Medical Consumables - Phase 2

Framework Agreement Description 
The Medical Consumables - Phase 2 Framework covers a wide range of products, which includes, but is not limited to; airway management consumables, suction catheters, suction liners, wound and chest drainage, and autologous blood consumables.


Framework Agreement Information

Medical Consumables - Phase 2 [312KB]

Medical Consumables - Phase 2

When does it start?
01 July 2015 to 01 July 2019

Who can take advantage?
All NHS SBS Members and Associate Members
Ward and Theatre Managers, Clinical and Materials
Management, HOPs


Who developed it?
This framework agreement covers a wide range of
products - airway management consumables,
suction catheters, suction liners, wound and chest
drainage and autologous blood consumables.
Please see page below for more details

Why should I use it?
Wide product offer, covering; airway
management, suction catheters, suction liners,
wound and chest drainage and autologous blood
Key products from all major suppliers' available
offering product and supplier choice. GHX
catalogues are set- up, ready for orders
Savings opportunities available by product
switching and utilising our neutral wholesaler
Squadron Medical. Clinical Support is available
Option to order for direct delivery of via the
neutral wholesaler option via Squadron Medical
Ltd for an end-to-end solution.


What is on offer?

Areas Covered

  1. Tracheal tubes, stylets and bougies, tracheostomy tubes (short and long term), tracheostomy kits , tracheal and tracheostomy tube holders, oropharyngeal airways, nasopharyngeal airways, laryngeal masks, supraglottic masks, laryngoscopes ( single use and reusable), video laryngoscopes, anaesthesia and critical care circuits ( including all accessories), Co2 absorber, breathing filters, HME and HMEF's, anaesthetic facemasks, manual resuscitators, oxygen therapy consumables (nasal cannula, facemasks, venture barrels, nebulisers, tubing and sterile water), oral hygiene kits
  2. Closed suction products, suction catheters, yankauers, connecting tubing, specialist suctioning products, mucus and specimen traps.
  3. Chest and wound drainage in all styles and capacities (including ambulatory), thoracentesis kits, percutaneous insertion kits, pleural and indwelling pleural catheters, fixation systems and other accessories. Wound drainage is available as high and low vacuum and gravity devices including accessories
  4. Autologous blood - including intra and post-operative cell salvage consumables
  5. Suction canisters and liners - including rigid and soft, tubing, disposal units, sample collection devices


Framework Agreements & Support Framework Agreements & Support

Supplier Details

 Ambu Ltd GBUK Healthcare PROACT Medical Ltd
 Aquilant Limited Halyard Health UK Ltd ROCKET MEDICAL PLC
 Armstrong Medical Ltd Healthcare 21 UK Ltd Smiths Medical
 International Limited
 Blue Box Medical Ltd ICU UK Medical Ltd (prev.
 Hospira UK Ltd)
 Summit Medical Limited
 Cardiac Services Limited Intersurgical Ltd Teleflex
 COOK UK Ltd Iskus Health UK Limited Timesco of London Ltd
 DeRoyal Global Healthcare
 Solutions Ltd
 K & P Distribution Ltd Trimedica Medtek Ltd
 Eschmann Holdings Ltd Karl Storz Endoscopy (UK)
 UK Medical
 Fannin UK Ltd Maquet Limited Unomedical Ltd (A
 ConvaTec Company)
 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
 Marshall Airway Products
 VacSax Limited
 Flexicare Medical Medline Industries Limited Verathon Medical UK LTD
 Fresenius Kabi Limited PFM medical UK Ltd Williams Medical Supplies


• All products are available on GHX and can be purchased direct (Quoting their contract reference number)

• For an end to end management of the logistic of any products, Squadron Medical NHS SBS Neutral Wholesale provider can

  • Hold stock- at agreed levels from a central warehouse
  • Consolidated invoicing and automated ordering
  • Deliver the next day (delivery protocols & KPIs set by the customer
  • Only deliver what is requested (no substitutes)




Awarded Suppliers

 Ambu, Aquilant, Armstrong Medical, Cook UK, Fannin, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare,
 Flexicare Medical, GBUK Healthcare, Halyard Health UK, Healthcare 21 UK Ltd,
 Intersurgical Ltd, Iskus Health UK, K & P Distribution, Karl Storz Endoscopy, Marshall
 Airway Products, PROACT Medical, Smiths Medical International, Teleflex, Timesco of
 London, Unomedical Ltd (A ConvaTec Company), Verathon Medical UK, Williams Medical
 Supplies Ltd
 13 Suction Catheters Aquilant, Flexicare Medical, GBUK Healthcare, Halyard Health UK, PROACT Medical,
 Smiths Medical International, Unomedical Ltd (A ConvaTec Company)
 14 Chest Drainage COOK UK Ltd, GBUK Healthcare, Maquet Limited, ROCKET MEDICAL PLC, Smiths Medical
 International, Teleflex, UK Medical, Unomedical Ltd (A ConvaTec Company)
 15 Would Drainage Blue Box Medical, GBUK Healthcare, Iskus Health UK, PFM medical UK, Smiths Medical
 International, Summit Medical, UK Medical, Unomedical Ltd (A ConvaTec Company)
 16 Autologous blood
 Fresenius Kabi Limited, GBUK Healthcare, Trimedica Medtek Ltd, Unomedical Ltd (A
 ConvaTec Company)
 17 Suction liners Cardiac Services Limited, DeRoyal Global Healthcare Solutions Ltd, Eschmann Holdings
 Ltd, GBUK Healthcare, ICU UK Medical (prev. Hospira UK), Medline Industries Limited,
 VacSax Limited


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Framework Contact Info Telephone

E: NSBS.contractenquiries@nhs.net

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