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Waste Management and Minimisation Services

Framework Agreement Description

This framework provides a compliant route to access various clinical healthcare waste services, confidential and miscellaneous waste, Total Waste Management (TWM) services. Please see below for full details of the services the framework covers.


Framework Agreement Information

Waste Management and Minimisation Services [227KB]

Waste Management and Minimisation Services

When does it start?
13 October 2014 to 31 December 2018

Who can take advantage?
All NHS SBS Members and Associate Members


What does it cover?
• Lot 1 - Clinical healthcare waste, offensive (hygiene) waste, pharmaceutical waste (including cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines), anatomical waste, sharps and laboratory wastes (cultures and chemicals used in the diagnosis, provision and treatment of human healthcare) and wastes that are dangerous for carriage.
• Lot 2 - Domestic, Offensive Healthcare, Hazardous Non Healthcare, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Confidential and miscellaneous waste.
• Lot 3 - Framework will also incorporate the provision of a Total Waste Management (TWM) service to cover all clinical and domestic waste streams.

Why should I use it?
Suppliers comply with all Waste, Health and Safety, Environmental and Transport Legislation including Environmental Permits and licences, reducing the risk of liability to the Trust.
The framework addresses the carbon impact related to waste through resource, efficiency, transport impacts and disposal arrangements. The framework also encourages segregation for recycling and disposal.
This framework allows procurements on one or more waste streams within the Domestic and/or Clinical waste lots e.g. awards can be made specifically to confidential waste under Domestic waste award lot 2. This in turn allows you more freedom and ease than before.
The opportunity to collect rebates from suppliers in relation to the resale and reuse of waste.


Framework Agreements & Support Framework Agreements & Support

Supplier Details

 Bagnall & Morris SRCL Viridor
 HES Tradebe Healthcare Yorwaste
 Sita Veolia 



Award for Lot 1 - Clinical Waste

Award for Lot 2 - Domestic Waste

Award for Lot 3 - Combined Waste 
(Domestic and Clinical Waste)

 Tradebe Healthcare
 Bagnall & Morris
 Tradebe Healthcare
 Tradebe Healthcare


Suppliers awarded onto the framework by region


North East


North West


Yorkshire and Humbe


East Midlands


West Midlands


East of England




South East Coast


South Central


South West


Framework Contact Info Telephone

E: NSBS.contractenquiries@nhs.net

For more framework agreements see our  Framework Agreements Portfolio [292KB]

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