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Insight Diagnostic

Diagnostic Insight

Hundreds of health and care organisations joining together to work collaboratively as 42 Integrated Care Systems, present a once in a generation opportunity to:

  • Drive best practice and consistency
  • Realise huge cost and efficiency savings, at scale

However, reconciling thousands of different processes, systems and ways of working is a pressing challenge.

With the support of NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI), and working with three pathfinder ICSs, we have developed an interoperable Diagnostic Insight service that baselines the current finance and procurement practices of each ICS member organisation, and benchmarks against industry best practice.

Detailed data analysis, workshops, and stakeholder interviews deliver in-depth insight on the current position, systems and processes, and agnostic roadmaps to the achievement of system objectives.

Quick wins and longer term gains are identified to drive efficiencies and economies of scale, enhanced productivity and value for money, and compliance with national standards and requirements including:

During a successful pilot, the first ICS pathfinder identified 29% potential savings (£7.5m) on operational expenditure over a 10 year period - funds that could be reinvested in new models of patient care and frontline services.

29% SAVINGS - Identified on operational spend over 10 years

The solution provides insight at both individual organisation and system-wide levels, enabling an ICS to identify and agree key indicators to drive continuous improvement, and level up the performance of each member organisation to common best practice standards. This includes stronger financial controls, better non-pay spend management, enhanced regulator reporting, and greater finance and supply chain resilience.

Having a detailed understanding of its current position and the priority areas for improvement, means an ICS can take the appropriate steps to improve financial visibility and controls, ensure compliance with national policy, and unlock significant savings opportunities. 


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