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Payroll & Pensions

Cost-effective, scalable payroll, pension and associated workforce solutions, providing a frictionless employee experience, supporting staff wellbeing, releasing time for more valuable tasks, and delivering insights at individual, team, organisation and system levels to inform and support data-led decision making.

Payroll & Pensions

The people who work in the NHS are its greatest asset. Staff-wellbeing and retention at organisational and system level have never been more important as NHS organisations navigate a time of significant workforce pressures to meet the combined challenges of:

  • ICS creation
  • The NHS People Plan
  • The Long Term Plan
  • The Triple Aim

NHS Shared Business Services' suite of cost-effective payroll, pension and associated workforce solutions are fully scalable to respond to changes in demand across ICSs. They integrate seamlessly to provide a frictionless employee experience, support staff wellbeing and release time for more valuable tasks. The insight they provide at individual, team, organisation and system levels informs and supports data-led decision making.

As the largest payroll provider to the NHS we pay £700m+ to about 400,000 employees every month. We also administer about a quarter of a million pensions records, using our specialist knowledge of NHS Pension Scheme rules and regulations to deliver expert employee support.

An ISAE3402 and ISO9001 accredited supplier, our Payroll and Pensions solutions deliver:

  • Best-practice services at costs individual organisations can't match
  • A payroll accuracy rate of 99.8%, minimising the time employees waste correcting errors, and the demands on in-house HR and payroll teams
  • The ability to scale service provision up or down
  • Meaningful insights at all levels from best-in-class data analytics for robust decision making
  • A resilient, reliable, service, even at times of significant system pressures


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