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Payroll & Pensions

Payroll & Pensions

 As the largest NHS payroll and pensions provider, NHS Shared Business Services is ideally positioned to work on behalf of ICSs.

Around 90 NHS organisations already rely on us for high-quality, cost-effective payroll and pensions services, and we currently pay almost 400,000 NHS employees and administer around 250,000 pensions records.

This vast NHS knowledge means we are uniquely qualified to support new system-wide working. Our ICS payroll and pensions solution has been developed to:

  • Save duplicate investments being made across health and care systems by meeting the infrastructure costs of an ever-improving payroll and pensions service
  • Deliver standardised best-in-class services at organisational and system levels
  • Enable robust system-wide decision making via Integrated reporting, and enhanced data and analytics
  • Enhance the employee experience
  • Accelerate the use of digital technology

In 2021 NHS SBS were named the preferred provider of payroll and pensions services to North Central London ICS, the first framework of its kind to be established by an ICS for a shared corporate service.


ICSs using our Payroll & Pensions service can also access our additional solutions to support in meeting their workforce objectives, including:

  • The MySBSPay app, which gives NHS staff round-the-clock access to their pay information, and the ability to raise payroll related queries, from any mobile device
  • Workforce Analytics, which uses data science to improve staff retention by predicting - with 95% accuracy in a pilot - which employees are at increased risk of leaving
  • A specialist understanding of the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR) that can help NHS organisations transform many of their workforce processes via self-service, and the elimination of paper-based processes


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