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Our Workforce Consultancy delivers productivity by providing in-depth analysis of HR existing processes, focussing especially on those that are outdated, non-standard, and time-consuming or error-prone, and highlighting which can be replaced with more modern, efficient ways of working to bring about operational cost savings.

Our Workforce Consultancy can help in areas such as:

  • ESR implementation that removes multiple recording and paper
  • ESR Self-Service that improves staff retention, productivity and wellbeing
  • ESR configuration that delivers automated processing and control of data

Manager Self-Service (MSS) allows managers to access live records, make contractual changes, and manage training and HR information. As a result, employees and managers can save valuable time, whilst reporting is made easier too Employee Self-Service (ESS) enables NHS employees to update their own records, in real time

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Workforce Consultancy & ESR Self-Service
Workforce Consultancy & ESR Self-Service Brochure

Our workforce consultancy solutions add real and increasing value to the NHS so that it can refocus investment and resource elsewhere.

They help enhance NHS employment processes from repetitive, transactional, and often paper-based work to transformational projects that drive down operational costs, increase productivity, and deliver workforce efficiencies.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

“CPFT used NHS SBS for the implementation of ESR Self-Service to provide expertise and guidance on the functionality of the system. The support they gave the Project Team has been paramount to its success. Their expertise, support and guidance has given the team the confidence to raise and escalate issues at the time and issues that arise could be actioned and dealt with quickly.

Alex O’Gorman
Workforce Development Manager
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT)

Understanding your needs

ESR is used by almost every NHS organisation in the country, but the reality is that it is not being used to anywhere near its full potential.

The reason for this is that most NHS employers only use the HR and Payroll modules and ignore other functionality, such as…

  • Base Establishment Controls
  • Manager Self-Service (MSS)
  • Oracle Learning Management (OLM) and e-Learning
  • Career Management
  • Performance Management Plans

With digital technology playing an increasingly important role in ensuring a happy and efficient NHS workforce, existing solutions that are already available could help NHS organisations align with the NHS Operational Planning and Contacting Guidance for 2020/21 in driving digital priorities, such as interoperability, user experience and innovation – all part of an NHS commitment that ‘digitally-enabled care will go mainstream across the NHS’.

Our team will show you how to optimise your workforce’s time whether moving paper processes to online transactions, ESR Self-Service implementation, optimisation and training, or by completing a full move across to automation and robotics.

Process Review

Our experts provide a comprehensive ESR review and data cleanse

ESR Module Configuration

We provide detailed analysis and configuration on each of the ESR modules

ESR Self-Service Implementation

Our change management and implementation process takes weeks and uses the full Prince 2 methodology

Flexible and Blended Training

Our training module services include personalised training and support

Unrivalled Expertise

Our team – some of which were involved in the original rollout of ESR – have unmatched experience in migrating data from HR and payroll platforms and implementing Manager Self-Service efficiently and effectively.

Scope and Scalability

Our scope, scalability and subject matter expertise makes us perfect partners to review, suggest, implement and train your workforce on how to get the most out of ESR Self-Service and unlocking additional benefits.

Watch our Webinar

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Watch our free, no obligation, pre-recorded webinar on Manager Self-Service to find out more about how ESR Self-Service can benefit your organisation.

Why Partner with us?

We add value through the development and implementation of high-quality, cost effective corporate services, providing a level of innovation and efficiency which would be impossible for an organisation to deliver in isolation.

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