Solent Direct Debits

Paying your parking fees for Solent NHS Trust

In order to park in Solent NHS Trust car parks you will need to pay a fee monthly via direct debit. If you are eligible you would have been invited via an invitation letter and permit number from your relevant parking site to sign up for direct debit.

Click HERE to sign up for parking direct debits (this will take you to the direct debit set up page please ensure you complete all fields including your PERMIT ID, failure to do this will mean your direct debit is cancelled and you may not be able to park at Solent NHS Trust car parks.)

Note: We recommend viewing this page using the Mozilla Firefox browser, which can be downloaded free from Alternatively you can use Google Chrome – or Internet Explorer (Version 9 onwards).

Solent NHS Trust have decided to charge a monthly fee based on working days & NHS band for staff members that park at the following four car parking sites;

  • High Point
  • St Mary’s
  • Bitterne Health Centre
  • Western hospital

This fee will have been outlined to you by your car parking administrative team, if you have any queries regarding the amount please contact them via email at: Please state your permit number and name and location to assist them with resolving your query as soon as possible.

Direct Debit Information

  • Only UK banks and building societies can be used for this direct debit
  • Please make sure your bank or building society allows you to set up a direct debit and make payments through this method.
  • Payments will be collected on the 15th of the month; you must set up prior to the date on your invitation letter in order to be eligible for direct debit.
  • Please ensure you use an up to date email address to receive correspondence regarding your direct debit payments.

What happens if I miss a payment?

  • If you fail to make a payment please contact your local car parking administrators on ASAP to make up the missed payment otherwise you will risk having your permit revoked.

I need to change my bank details, how do I do this?

  • If you are changing banks using the switching service offered by most banks and building societies then you do not need to do anything, your new bank will notify us of the change. However, if this switching period is taking place around the 15th this may cause your payment to fail, please contact your car parking administration team on: to arrange making up any missed instalments and prevent your parking permit being revoked.
  • If you need to change bank details and this is not through a bank account being transferred through the switching service you will need to contact your bank to cancel the existing direct debit and set a new direct debit up through the system link above. If you miss an instalment please contact your car parking administration team to arrange payment and prevent your parking permit being revoked.

Do I still pay if I am on annual leave/ sick?

  • No adjustments will be made to the monthly amount for annual leave or short term sickness, this will be fixed unless your hours or NHS Pay band is changed.