Action needed to ‘promote and value’ role of nurses in procurement

Norma Callahan is a senior clinical advisor to and an instrumental part of NHS SBS’s procurement team.

An NHS nurse of 40 years, with a 20-year career as a theatre nurse, and a pioneer in improving collaboration between procurement and clinical teams, Norma was one of the first people in the UK to be hired as a clinical procurement specialist – a role held by less than 150 individuals throughout the NHS.

She is also one of only a few nurses in the country to secure the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply qualifications (CIPS) and has also completed a business degree to further her knowledge in this field.

Norma ardently believes that having nurses, procurement teams and suppliers working together gives better collaboration and better understanding of one another’s needs.

“I’ve always been passionate about collaborating with and supporting NHS procurement teams to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

“Recognising significant changes in the procurement landscape, the role of the NHS SBS clinical adviser remains a steadfast, impartial and a fundamental evidence-based resource.

“I believe that when multidisciplinary professionals work in partnership, they can provide better products and services to meet the needs of the customers and patients we serve.”

The Nursing Times caught up with Norma for her views.The full interview “Action needed to promote ‘role and value’ of nurses is procurement” is published online