Dynamic dozen team up with affordable food charity to make surplus food ‘pick pack perfect’ for low income families

A squad of 12 volunteers from leading corporate services provider, NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) has  teamed up with award-winning affordable food charity, The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT) at its Trafford Park warehouse, to sort, label and load up its community vans with surplus food – intercepted from the food industry – for redistribution to low income families and people in need of support across Manchester city and beyond.

It is estimated that the UK throws away 9.5 million tonnes of food, worth £19 billion, every year. 70% of what is binned is perfectly edible.

TBBT is determined to do its bit and ensure surplus food goes to people who need it most, providing them a vital lifeline as the cost of everyday essentials spiral.

It redistributes more than 200 tonnes of food per week, the equivalent of almost 500,000 meals for the community.

The charity works closely with suppliers from the farming, manufacturing, retail and hospitality space, to help them donate their unused food.

The surplus food is taken to TBBT warehouses where it is sorted, stored and made ready to load onto vans for delivery to local community food hubs. There, it is unloaded, packed and redistributed to TBBT’s network of members.

Food hubs are based in local community halls, schools and places of worship across Manchester, Greater Manchester and further afield across north and central England.

Residents who have signed-up to be members of TBBT’s scheme, can buy three bags of food comprising fruit and vegetables, chilled food and cupboard staples like sauces and cereal for £8.50, which would cost £35 to purchase elsewhere, making it much more affordable for struggling households.

Mark Game, TBBT co-founder and Chief Executive Officer commented:

“TBBT supports over 100 communities across the UK. Much of our work is reliant on the good will and dedication of the volunteers who donate their corporate volunteering time supporting our staff at our warehouses.

“We’re very grateful to staff at NHS SBS for joining us at Trafford Park – their efforts in sorting, packing and loading food for our members is invaluable.”

Olivia Murphy, Head of Sustainability and Social impact at NHS SBS commented:

“As an organisation with a strong presence in Manchester, we are passionate about supporting our local communities through our Sustainability and Social Value Programme, ‘Healthy NHS SBS’.

“Our teams are using their paid volunteering days to support TBBT who not only reduce food waste, but also enable those who need them the most to have healthy, balanced, and affordable meals.

“We are delighted to be able to support the charity over two days – 6 October and 9 October – and give back to our local community, of which we’re so proud.”