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May 2018


Welcome to NHS SBS News - keeping you updated with the latest developments in NHS back office shared services.

In this issue:

Welcome to our client newsletter, designed to help you keep your back office functions running smoothly.
We are delighted that Phil Davies has been appointed as director of our procurement business, replacing Peter Akid who retired at the end of March.
All framework agreements run and managed by NHS Shared Business Services are now free to access.
25 CCGs have signed up to use PHBChoices to help manage the impending targets they must hit to increase the number of PHB holders in their area.
Did you know? We offer a wide range of knowledge-based products and services, tailored to the needs of the NHS.
NHS SBS have formed a partnership with Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust to future-proof its finance operations and drive greater efficiencies.
Last week, Stephen Sutcliffe, NHS SBS Director of Finance & Accounting delivered a masterclass at the prestigious Shared Services & Outsourcing Network's (SSON) 18th Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Conference, in Lisbon - a key player in attracting shared services and outsourcing professionals.
March and April are always exceptionally busy for finance teams and ours are no exception.
NHS Shared Business Services is working towards changing the way we prepare and present your General Ledger Reconciliation Pack.
As part of NHS Shared Business Services commitment to ensuring the highest level of security on our systems, our IT team has recently been upgrading the data encryption methods we use to transfer data.
By Stephen Sutcliffe, director of finance & accounting at NHS Shared Business Services

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