Reuse and recycle – working with a prison workshop programme

If you have ever wondered what happens to computer equipment that we no longer need, you are about to find out! At NHS Shared Business Services, we are excited to announce that we have a new partnership with DSA Connect to ensure not only that our equipment is reused and recycled, but also being used as a force for good.

DSA Connect work alongside His Majesty’s Prison, Highpoint in Suffolk to offer a prison workshop programme providing an educational environment for residents to learn new skills to help them on release from prison. This project is focused on supporting residents to gain skills in technology refurbishment and recycling and we are delighted to have seen our first 100 laptops go through this programme.

This incredible workshop programme aims to support skills development which can enable pathways to employment. The innovative recycling project which takes the computer equipment we no longer need at NHS SBS, gives HMP Highpoint residents an opportunity to develop, learn and gain valuable work experience and also ensures that our waste does not end up in landfill. The work includes component identification, material segregation and equipment refurbishment. Equipment is then either sold for reuse or dismantled for component recovery. The various parts, for example, circuit boards, RAM and CPUs are sold off to specialist traders for complete reuse in reconditioned devices. Metals, plastics and wiring are sent in bulk for recycling.

At NHS Shared Business Services, our value of ‘innovation’ is one that we love to see shining through in our work and being able to continuously improve our processes and the way we work, is vitally important. Sustainability and environmental management form a vital part of our Green Plan for 2023-26 and we are committed as an organisation to fully embed a culture of sustainable practice. This innovative idea was generated in our Sustainability and Social Value Champion network – pitched and delivered by this team over the last 12 months.

Olivia Murphy, Head of Sustainability and Social Impact said “We are incredibly pleased to be working in partnership with DSA Connect and their partners, HMP Highpoint, on this fabulous initiative. We are always looking for ways to improve our processes to make them more sustainable. Recycling and reusing equipment is one of our priorities and we were pleased that our recycle rate for our Leeds office relocation was 98%. Being part of a project that also supports prison resident training is an impactful way for us to also be able to support our local communities.”

Hannah Foggo, Sustainability Relationship Manger DSA Connect said “By channelling redundant IT through the HMP Highpoint workshop, NHS SBS is investing in a brighter future for prison residents by contributing to valuable skills training and work experience.
“This not only provides a pathway to employment, upon release, but also ignites a positive ripple effect that benefits their families and society as a whole.”