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New income collection tool

A "no-brainer" for University Hospital Southampton

After piloting our ICON payment system for the NHS, the Financial Controller at University Hospital Southampton NHS FT has been left in no doubt "it will lead to a huge increase in the amount of money that is recovered across the whole NHS in future".

After testing the ICON (Income Collection Online) product at Southampton General Hospital, Huw Jones concluded that it "is something those working in NHS finance have wanted for a long time".

A secure and integrated way for NHS hospitals to take debit or credit card payments, in person, online or over the telephone, ICON provides greater flexibility around how and when payments can be made.

It is designed to be a simple and efficient means for trusts to maximise income and reduce the millions of pounds that is simply written off every year.

Huw added: "It's a bit of a no-brainer. Why wouldn't you want to be able to increase the number of payments you're able to accept and the flexibility with which you can take them?"

And with the government now expecting hospitals to recover up to £500 million a year owed by overseas patients - five times as much as in previous years - the introduction of the technology into the NHS could hardly be timelier.

Find out more about the successful pilot at University Hospital Southampton NHS FT here.

And to see how your organisation could benefit, please contact Gavin Turner or Hannah Ingram.

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