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New recruitment service launched

A new-look Recruitment Service, launched earlier this year, is developing innovative ways to help healthcare providers get the right staff at the right time in the right place.

Making sure you have enough of the right staff is a challenge in any organisation, but no-where is it more vital than in the NHS. Increasing competition for talented people coupled with budgetary pressures means it's important to make sure your recruitment processes are as effective and efficient as possible.

A refreshed recruitment service from NHS SBS can help. We offer everything from full end-to-end recruitment provision, including a bespoke online system that helps attract candidates and enhances the applicant experience, through to tailored support, providing a detailed review of a hospital's existing processes and benchmarks it against NHS best practice. The enhanced NHS SBS Recruitment Service is targeting time and financial savings for NHS trusts by helping them become more efficient in hiring and retaining staff.

Tasy Warn, Director of Employment Services, explained: "By developing a service that can be customised to meet the complex and varied demands of different NHS organisations, our approach and innovative tools enable NHS trusts to attract the best candidates and fill vital posts more quickly. Ultimately, it means recruiting managers waste less time on inefficient and cumbersome processes.

"One of the trusts we've been working with, for instance, has reduced its average overall time-to-hire process by over six weeks. Another key measure of success - advert to completion of pre-employment checks - is also down by more than five weeks at its hospitals."

The changing landscape of how healthcare services will be delivered in future has also brought new staffing challenges for the NHS. As providers come together to form Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs), the new NHS SBS Recruitment Service will enable a regional approach to providing recruitment, improving the service delivery whilst reducing processing costs.

Tasy added: "We're currently working with one STP to produce a business case, outlining how it can best introduce a shared service model to manage the county-wide recruitment needs.

"We analysed the current recruitment activities across the very different organisations within the partnership - comparing these with NHS best practice benchmarks - and provided an implementation programme with recommendations on how a streamlined, integrated recruitment service should be governed and managed across the STP."

To find out more about the NHS SBS Recruitment Service contact the team at: sbs-s.recruitmentsolutions@nhs.net

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