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February 2018


Welcome to NHS SBS News - keeping you updated with the latest developments in NHS back office shared services.

In this issue:

Welcome to our client newsletter, designed to help you keep your back office functions running smoothly.
The national payment platform provided by NHS SBS to every NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) in England will continue for at least another three years after the contract with NHS England was extended until 2021.
With winter pressures described by NHS Providers as "the worst in recent history", trusts need cost-effective ways to attract and retain high-quality staff whilst maintaining workforce flexibility. The weekly payroll service from NHS SBS can help.
NHS SBS is committed to helping NHS Trusts recover debt. We recognise that limited payment channels in many organisations results in raising retrospective invoices and increases the risk of bad debt.
Did you know? Buying via one of NHS SBS's framework agreements offers typical savings of around 5 per cent - and frequently more.
As part of our pledge to transform back office services we have invested millions in best of breed technologies and cutting edge digital solutions.
With emphasis on smarter purchasing throughout the NHS, our Integrated Procurement Partners teams understand the national agenda NHS Trusts must operate within.
Our NHS SBS twice-yearly F&A Provider Client forums in Bristol, London and Leeds and are a great opportunity for us to see our clients face to face.
For a limited time only, experts from across NHS Shared Business Services are providing free mini-consultations on a wide range of subjects.
We're working closely with NHS organisations across the country to better respond to the increasing challenges faced by our clients.
Stephen Sutcliffe, NHS SBS Director of Finance & Accounting, discusses the technology changes in accounting.

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