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Exit Interview Service - Helping improve staff retention

Recent data compiled by NHS SBS revealed that the number of employees leaving the NHS is increasing. If organisations are to tackle this challenge and increase staff retention, understanding why staff leave is vital.

Exit Interview ServiceAccurate and in-depth analysis of staff exits provides NHS organisations with valuable insights, ultimately enabling them to act on areas that have most impact on staff retention.

The Exit Interview Service provided by NHS SBS is a tailored to meet the specific requirements of each organisation. By examining the reasons why staff leave and providing assurance where there are no underlying issues faulted for high levels of staff turnover, our reports show overall trends and provide an in-depth analysis of problem areas.

Why use our service?

Using qualified independent HR professionals, our service enables open and honest conversations that leavers often feel unable to have with their colleagues, or that internal staff are reluctant to report. This provides the organisation with assurance that the feedback is more open and reporting and data more robust than internal arrangements.

The Exit Interview Service focuses on quality and consistency throughout its process - from the design of the content and flow of the interview questions to the qualified interviewers - often at a lower cost than delivering the equivalent service in-house. Our expert data analysis gives Trusts and healthcare organisations robust and valuable information to act upon to make meaningful changes in improving employee retention.

Additional benefits include:

  • A resilient service able to manage fluctuating demand
  • Reporting and management information delivered in a format that meets your needs
  • Information to support group workforce planning
  • Robust governance and assurance to maintain quality and integrity


For more information about our Exit Interview Service, click here.

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