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NHS SBS wins contract extension to provide national payment platform

The national payment platform provided by NHS SBS to every NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) in England will continue for at least another three years after the contract with NHS England was extended until 2021.

Our Integrated Single Financial Environment (ISFE) has been used by all commissioners since we launched it nationally in April 2013. It provides a common accounting platform that promotes best practice finance procedures within the NHS commissioning community.

The entire NHS budget of well over £100 billion, which is used to pay for primary and secondary healthcare and specialist services, is dispersed to providers through ISFE by over 200 different CCGs across the country.

The platform is used by commissioners, for example, to ensure hospitals, GP practices and care homes are paid correctly and on time for the services they provide. It also deals with any payments to individuals or suppliers who carry out work or provide goods to a commissioning organisation, which can be anything from syringes to complex care packages for vulnerable individuals.

Benjamyn Damazer, NHS SBS Director of Commissioning and Service Transformation, said:

"For the last five years, ISFE has been the backbone that has enabled NHS commissioners to retain financial control over the NHS budget, whilst facilitating the unique and often complex practicalities involved with commissioning health services on behalf of patients. Our systems and processes ensure that control over public money - and the accounting of it to government - is carried out in a proper and timely manner.

"We are immensely proud that our investment in new back office technologies and the recent service enhancements we have implemented - along with the work we have carried out over the last five years to successfully deliver such a huge undertaking - means there is continued confidence in our ability to deliver ISFE for the commissioning community."

As well as providing the ISFE payment platform, we have also worked with NHS England to manage its operational procurement. In the last year alone, this has delivered £4 million cost savings and resulted in a similar contract extension to 2021.

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