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Intro David Morris

Welcome to our client newsletter, designed to help you keep your back office functions running smoothly.

David Morris When NHS Shared Business Services was established 12 years ago, our remit was to deliver savings and provide a professional, high-quality service to the NHS. With the unprecedented financial and operational pressures facing the NHS today, this is now more important than ever.

We believe we have two great strengths - our people and our technology. Many of our people have worked in NHS provider and commissioning organisations. They know and understand the challenges you face every day. So our technology is developed with this in mind - streamlining processes to make them easier, quicker and more intuitive. 

Our forthcoming Edge4Health platform is a great example of this, delivering a consumer-style purchasing platform to NHS staff and securing significant savings which can be reinvested in frontline patient care. But we realise that purchasing is only half the equation. For a long time, low-value income and receipting has been a struggle for many trusts. To address this, we're piloting an e-payment system that enables your debtors to make credit card payments over the internet. The system also enables chip and pin machines to be connected to any PC in the trust, allowing payment to be taken at the point of delivery and avoiding the need for retrospective invoicing. You can read more about this below.

We also start the year knowing we have secured a 30 month extension on the Integrated Single Financial Environment (ISFE) with NHS England. We are delighted that we are able to continue our partnership with NHSE, and are ensuring we continue to meet their needs - and those of other clients - with an increased range of services.

Some of these services are the subject of our new Healthcheck service, where NHS SBS specialists offer free mini-consultations on a wide range of subjects. Each consultation is tailored to your unique needs. More information about that, and other areas of interest, are below. Happy reading!

Yours sincerely

David Morris

Managing Director

NHS Shared Business Services

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