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Using our knowledge and expertise to strategically partner with STPs

Our Sustainability and Transformation Team have strategically partnered with one of the most prominent national STPs to help them respond to the challenge set by NHS England under the introduction of the new Sustainability and Transformation Plans to restore and maintain financial balance and support the delivery of productivity savings through back office rationalisation.

Using the vast amount of data, the Team have used their analysis to demonstrate how the organisation's back office functions could be transformed into a more agile solution to make the savings required by Lord Carter and others.

Being the largest shared services provider in the UK, we have leveraged our size and scalability to show how changes can be achieved at pace via a phased migration plan across our three core business lines. Each migration plan focuses upon a proposal of integrated automation to drive future savings once back office services have been stabilised. For example within procurement the platform for change will be the provision of a self-service procurement tool along with access to framework contracts. This will stabilise the existing manual service whilst moving to a modernised solution, delivering long-term contract and PO compliance to increase savings strategically and tactically.

Through working with us, the STPs are also realising the benefits of our other programmes of work, including:

  • Modernisation of technology, including introduction of retail standard e-marketplaces

  • Improved data analytics and real-time reporting

  • Best practice processing, including VAT automation

  • Peppol/GS1/Scan4safety compliant systems

  • Improved automation, data quality and accuracy

  • Enhanced procurement control and visibility

Our relationship with NHS Improvement and their feedback has allowed us to tailor the model so our solution can be adapted and personalised for other individual STPs and their different needs - we are in talks with other STPs based on this approach.

We have the technology and expertise and are able to provide the investment needed to deliver a range of plans for STPs to select from. We can offer different levels of support based on the individual needs of the STP ranging from a full migration to a staged approach.

For more information please contact - SBS-W.corporatemarketing@nhs.net.

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