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Are you making the most of your F&A contract?

An exciting new project that ranks F&A clients according to how successfully they are using our systems is on course to be launched this summer.

Following a pilot, which is due to begin next month, the great client framework will enable all 67 provider organisations - in the first instance - to see, at a glance, how they perform across a number of key metrics compared to other trusts that use our F&A service.

The project aims to ensure that clients get the full benefit of partnering with NHS SBS, leading to better use of systems and a realisation of further cost and efficiency savings.

The easy-to-use dashboard will score organisations across seven key areas, such as ordering, billing and paying practices, workflow approvals and financial controls.

It aims to help clients get the most from the contract they have with NHS SBS, by highlighting and learning from providers that use our F&A systems to great effect, using their experiences to help others who are not maximising the benefits available to them.

One instance where changing user behaviour can have a big impact on operational efficiency is in the requisitioning process. The average time between goods being requested and an order being placed currently stands at two days. Some clients, however, achieve this in under a day, but for others it can take over a week. By addressing delays in this process the aim is to reduce duplication of orders - as users simply bypass the approval system - and ensure that goods arrive when they are needed.

Another practical example of how the project will help to drive improvements is in the length of time it takes for an invoice to be approved. Our data shows that strong performing clients ensure suppliers are paid within a few days, but for others, using the very same system, it can take weeks to approve - and therefore make a payment - leading to a greater number of supplier queries and the unnecessary time spent dealing with them.

As a result of the great client framework, clients will see clearly which F&A systems they use well and where opportunities exist for improvements. We will then work with providers to help them achieve better scores in individual areas, as well as offering support to improve where needed.

To find out more about the great client framework and how you can benefit contact your service manager of client partnership team.

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