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New approach for NHS recruitment

The publication of the 5 Year Forward View (5YFV) brings to our attention the challenges many NHS Trusts face in achieving the balance between providing sufficient resources to meet increasing demand, whilst reducing costs. NHS SBS Recruitment Specialist, Michael Tresise, considers what it means for the NHS workforce.

"The 5YFV report highlights that in 2020 the NHS will be a larger NHS, looking after many more patients with more complex requirements than today.

To meet these changes, the NHS workforce will need to grow. This patient increase will be exacerbated by local and regional aspects, for instance inner city Trusts supporting intense demands or those in rural or remote locations where staff have to travel to patients and local centres.

Achieving this growth in NHS resources will require more training, more recruitment, better retention and greater return to practice after time out of the workforce.

The NHS will also need to continue improving productivity and be flexible as roles and places of work evolve reflecting changes to the shape of health care provision.

Notably the 5YFV report highlights the need for Trusts to plan and recruit for the growing workforce without increasing the administration costs, requiring Trusts to become more efficient.

In response, some Trusts have simply focused attention on reducing costs of corporate services, including recruitment and resourcing, without recognising and balancing the value these services provide.

In many cases recruitment resources, already stretched to meet current demand, are unable to cope with the additional work required to adapt as the NHS grows and changes.

In recognising these challenges, NHS SBS has invested in developing a Recruitment Service designed to address the future needs of the NHS.

By providing a robust, reliable, optimised and efficient processing service, Trusts will have the information and data to proactively respond to resourcing requirements and meet the challenges of providing sufficient resources to meet increasing demand whilst reducing costs."

To find out more about NHS SBS Employment Services contact Mike Tresise at michael.tresise@nhs.net.

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