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New improved supplier data...coming soon

Clients have said that improving the quality of our supplier data and the process for creating suppliers will make it easier to go about their work and improve their processes, as well as making it more feasible to deliver against their Carter metrics.

Over the years, thousands of suppliers have been uploaded onto the system, and many duplicate records have been created (often different versions of the same company name), making it harder and harder to undertake simple processes. Thankfully, this is all changing. 

We have been working with a company called Aucoda to create a bespoke Master Data Management system, which will hold one 'Golden Record' for each supplier.  

Using in-built business rules, complemented by information from Companies House, we will begin cleansing existing data to ensure that all information contained in the new database is up to date. Once complete, each record will then be replicated on the Oracle system to use in the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process. To make it easier to amend and edit records, a new search and update function will be included.

Other great functions you can expect are:

  • New supplier file - external to Oracle - that holds all supplier records and acts as a master record
  • Improved user interface - intuitive function for users to search the supplier file and submit requests
  • Supplier request function - a work-list process to submit requests or amendments
  • Audit function - the ability to report on all changes made against records
  • Continuous cleansing - automated cleansing to align Oracle with the Golden Record
  • Cleanse work list - to enable exceptions in cleanse engine to be reviewed and acted upon


We're currently planning dates to begin data cleansing. Once underway, there may be an impact on some of our systems, particularly as we work to identify and remove duplicate records.  We will advise you of any potential impacts and finalised dates in advance. This will allow you sufficient time to update any reference numbers in external systems and prevent impact on transactions.

For more information, please contact your service manager.

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