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Introduction from David Morris

Welcome to the Autumn edition of our newsletter.

David Morris Our services have been in the news recently, with the National Health Executive publishing an article on the insourcing of clinical services. Insourcing occurs when a third party provider of secondary care uses an NHS organisation's premises and equipment to deliver extra clinical capacity, outside of when they are normally in use. Increasingly popular as a way to reduce waiting lists, NHS SBS offers a framework agreement to make contracting for an insourced service swifter and more cost-effective.

Meanwhile, in Public Finance Magazine, Stephen Sutcliffe, our director of finance and accounting, looks at the way robots and artificial intelligence are beginning to transform NHS finance. Read his thought-provoking article here.

Our Healthcare Improvement Solutions team have been working with NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to expand its pioneering telehealth initiative for thousands of patients living with long term conditions.

With fraud costing the NHS an estimated £1.2 billion per year, we have been working with the NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) to build and develop new data models to detect and assess the outliers within which fraudulent transactions can be found.

The use of our unique pay and benefits app, MySBSPay is growing - and we're incredibly proud that it's been shortlisted in the Health Tech Awards 2019 in the 'Best Administration Time Savings' category. Dave Archbold, digital product owner of our app takes a look at how app use has developed over the years. The app is just one of a number of substantial investments we're making in Employment Services with our Employment Services Transformational Programme.

Our regular user forums are the perfect opportunity for discussion, problem solving, idea sharing and horizon scanning - have you got involved in one yet?

We value your opinions, so if you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Email SBS-W.corporatemarketing@nhs.net.

David Morris

Managing Director, NHS Shared Business Services

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