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Transformation programme puts customers first

Here at NHS SBS, we're helping NHS organisations create greater workforce efficiencies - through automation, removing unwarranted variations and, in particular, meeting Lord Carter's Hospital Efficiency Review. To deliver this effectively for our customers, we have recently introduced a specialist team to implement modern technologies and processes into our Employment Services business.

Transformation ProgrammeNHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) is making a substantial investment in our Employment Services business, by improving internal processes with a commitment to optimising our service to NHS organisations.

The Employment Services Transformation Programme will be looking at the following areas:

  • Enhancing our CRM so that more information is available to our customers 24/7
  • Improving the way we store and report on our data
  • Helping to automate and make our jobs less manual
  • Embedding a culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Re-designing our processes


The NHS is a 24/7 service, so one of the first things we're concentrating on is enhancing our CRM and Portal functionality to enable employees paid by NHS SBS to access information at any time. We will also be examining our end-to-end process so that all customers have a valuable, useful and positive experience each time they contact us.

This will begin with the development and deployment of robotics and AI technology, refining how we document and standardise processes, and using technological advancements to improve the way we work.

The Transformation team will work closely with our reporting team to introduce more automated Power BI-based analytical tools, resulting in faster, cleaner reports.

As a result of the Transformation Programme, we'll be able to provide swifter and more efficient support to our customers, enabling them to get on with the job of delivering patient care.

Did you know?

NHS SBS offers a range of robust yet flexible workforce solutions to help organisations achieve efficiencies and save valuable NHS workforce hours.

Our services are tailored to help organisations recruit, retain and support employees to provide outstanding levels of care, whilst helping them meet financial targets by reducing spend on temporary staff. Organisations can also reduce their agency spend further with our weekly payroll service, which improves morale, reduces absenteeism and increases workplace efficiencies.

Our consultancy and analytics services enable organisations to optimise their processes, free up staff time and provide a focus for workforce planning.

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