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Is your organisation on board with e-invoicing?

Over the last few months we have been continuing to promote the benefits of e-invoicing to our client and supplier base. NHS SBS have already processed 1 million invoices worth over £10,000,000 through Tradeshift in the last three years but need your support to help us reach our target; to ensure 100% of the approximate £170 billion annual spend is submitted via the Tradeshift platform in the future. This push to encourage electronic invoicing is also fully aligned to the Department of Health's eProcurement Strategy, NHS paperless agenda and Future Focused Finance.

Through the Tradeshift platform, the invoicing process is faster and more efficient than ever before! With a whole network of suppliers and our NHS clients able to connect electronically to send invoices and manage the approvals process in a transparent yet simple manner.

Tradeshift is a free service which provides suppliers with up to date invoice status information to ensure they are kept up to date on their outstanding invoices on their account. Over the coming weeks, we will be engaging further with a number of our NHS clients to who have requested our support in encouraging their
suppliers to sign up to Tradeshift and help us reach our goal. This will involve some awareness training from the NHS SBS central e-invoicing team to their local Finance/Procurement teams to ensure the organisation can push the Tradeshift message to all their suppliers when they have any communications directly with the supplier. If your organisation would be interested in receiving some Tradeshift awareness session please contact us on the email address below for support with this.

John McLoughlin, e-invoicing lead for NHS England commented on the programme; "I cannot advocate enough the use of e-invoicing. NHS England and its suppliers are starting to reap the rewards through electronic submission of invoices. In partnering with Tradeshift, NHS SBS has chosen an organisation who offers this service free of charge to suppliers and offers three different ways to submit invoices, enabling suppliers of all sizes an effective way to submit and manage their e-invoices at no additional cost. Indeed, suppliers could benefit from using Tradeshift through a reduction in cost of sending invoices, as there is no
postage cost, and from receiving real time information relating to the status of the invoice. Further, we receive invoices within 24 hours, which on average is nine days quicker than a paper invoice, and have already experienced a significant improvement in the accuracy of invoices, ultimately resulting in our ability
to pay invoices earlier than paper invoices. The benefits of using e-invoicing are real. The main beneficiary is the supplier as ultimately invoices can be settled quicker with less intervention and I would strongly encourage all suppliers to take advantage of the opportunities e-invoicing affords and to sign up to
Tradeshift to submit all their invoices electronically to NHS SBS."

For more information on Tradeshift please go to https://tradeshift.com/supplier/nhs-sbs/ or if you have any questions or would like to speak to the NHS SBS Central e-Invoicing team please contact SBS-W.einvoicingqueries@nhs.net.

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