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New clients and suppliers sign up to PHBChoices

NHS Arden & GEM CSU in partnership with Chiltern CCG and Aylesbury Vale CCG are amongst the first in the country to sign up to use PHBChoices; a new simple and easy-to-use tool that delivers a seamless, end-to-end process for the delivery of personal health budgets (PHBs).

PHBChoices has been developed by NHS SBS and made free for any CCG organisation to use. Features include real-time budget and expenditure tracking, secure online payment and invoicing, via an online marketplace for PHB holders. Benefits for CCGs are numerous; visibility of spend, invoicing and receipting integrated with the existing Oracle finance system.

Building on the self-managed PHB provision currently available, a personal virtual budget is made available to the PHB holder through an online account created by their CCG. The PHB holder can then buy goods and services from an online marketplace featuring approved national, regional and local suppliers selected to meet the needs of their care plan, from the convenience of their own home.

Suppliers are also quickly signing up to PHBChoices and realising the benefits. NRS Healthcare a market leading and award winning provider of products and services designed to support independent living were amongst the first:

"We were pleased to join the PHBChoices marketplace early. Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) will move existing funds from the centre into the hands of individual buyers. PHBChoices is being adopted by an increasing number of CCGs as the means by which their PHB holders will manage their budgets and make purchases, so NRS Healthcare didn't want to miss out.

"We wanted to be sure that our products were ready for purchase on PHBChoices, as the buyers come on board. PHBChoices provides simple online access for a CCG's PHB holders to select and buy products and services to meet their specific care needs. PHBChoices enables PHB holders to manage their budgets online and make purchases any time, any place - via laptop, tablet or phone. PHBChoices gives a new channel to market for NRS Healthcare which is extremely cost effective.

"Our sales and support processes can be simplified which provides opportunities for savings. There are no subscription fees and the percentage charge per transaction is both simple to understand and low compared to other online marketplaces which do not have the advantage of being connected into the PHB process and the growing community of individual buyers.

"The trend is for NHS England to give more choice and buying power to individuals. Because of this move, NRS Healthcare thinks any supplier of care products and services should seriously consider joining PHBChoices as soon as possible." Andrew Stevenson - Sales Director, NRS Healthcare

For further information, or to arrange a call for us to understand your individual needs, please contact our personal health budget team at sbs-b.phbchoices@nhs.net.

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