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Over 700 national NHS suppliers have signed up to a new cloud based catalogue management solution being rolled out to NHS organisations across the country

E4HTo help NHS organisations meet Lord Carter's recommendations that 80% of addressable spend should be transacted via a catalogue, The Edge4Health enables suppliers to swiftly upload product catalogues to a single platform, so that NHS buyers can approve pricing and place electronic orders with ease.

The catalogue management system simplifies the interaction between suppliers and NHS buyers, reducing invoice discrepancies, enabling buyers to see clear, accurate product data and helping overcome some of the challenges of trading with the NHS. 

The technology, which has been used in retail for many years, has been adapted for the NHS through a partnership between NHS SBS and technology company, Virtualstock. 

"We recognise suppliers' frustrations at delayed payments when purchase orders don't match invoices and orders are placed against inaccurate product data or old, incomplete price lists," said Louise Hillcoat, Head of Supplier Partnership at NHS SBS. "This cloud based system removes those blockages and puts the supplier in control of their own product information."

The Edge4Health is being rolled out across several NHS trusts in England. Their procurement teams are now contacting suppliers to explain the change and how they can register, free of charge. 

Trusts, including Portsmouth, Kettering General Hospitals and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, have already asked their suppliers to migrate their catalogues onto the new system, Edge4Health, with the support of colleagues from NHS SBS.

The help and assistance provided includes step-by-step guidance for uploading products and price lists; obtaining price approvals from NHS customers and offering system support.

For more information about the Edge4Health or how to sign up please visit The Edge4Health. Alternatively, to hear how to register, please attend one of our webinars click here.

For more information about supplier on-boarding please contact: sbs.edge4health@nhs.net

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