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Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting FAQs

Does the solution work with Excel?

The system is fully integrated with the Microsoft office suite which includes excel, word & power point with 100% functionality of these tools. To supplement this you will also have your NHS SBS/Tagetik tab which will allow you to connect to the Planning Budgeting & Forecasting tool.


Is it better than other PB&F solutions?

The CCH Tagetik solution on which NHS SBS PB&F has been built is recognised by Gartner and Forrester as an industry leading solution for Strategic Capabilities, Completeness, and User experience. It offers unique unmatched functionality and fit Financial Reporting for FP&A and the Office of Finance.


How much will this solution cost me?

Yet to be decided -  will be in line with Market expectations.


Can we customise it for our specific requirements?

The PB&F solution will provide SBS Reporting Templates Out of The Box for Users with additional capability to personalise it for local specific requirements.


When will it be ready for us to use?

Target date for first client use is June 2018.


How will change be supported?

NHS SBS working in partnership with CCH Tagetik will be liaising with our clients via the 'expert panel' to ensure emerging requirements and enhancements to the solution can be evaluated, and implemented.


Can you give me a demonstration?

To find out more, to request a demonstration and have any further questions answered, please get in touch with us via your Client Partnership Executive or Service Manager.


Where will my data be stored?

Data is held in a Secure NHS SBS managed SaaS Cloud environment, with comprehensive rigorous Systems and User Access Security.  It is backed-up regularly and the Cloud SaaS environment operates a DR contingency site.


Is it in the Cloud?



How often does our data get loaded into the PB&F solution?

It is envisaged that 'Actuals' from the ledger system will be updated in the PB&F solution and budget changes will update the ledger daily.


Can I control when my data gets loaded?

NHS SBS will provide both regular Scheduled Data Upload routines and additional Ad-Hoc On-Demand Upload capabilities.


Can this help me move away from spreadsheet dependency?

Yes - the solution ties all the elements of Planning Budgeting and Forecasting together in one place. From Revenues to workforce to operating expenses the powerful workflow capabilities keep all your planning processes organised and running smoothly. Planners know exactly what needs to be done and by who, deadlines collaboration and workflow are built in so even complex plans can be completed quickly giving Finance complete visibility and control from start to finish.


Will this speed up the delivery of plans and budgets, If so how?

The PB&F solution, give you control of the whole PB&F process. With Pre-Built Forms, Workflows, Reports and Dashboards. Exploiting comprehensive in-built Cash Flow Planning, Profitability Analysis, Allocations, Depreciations, Financial & Non-Financial Modelling Analysis and Forecast Reporting. With automated Board Packs, Management and Operational Reports.


Does it need any maintenance from the end users?

The NHS SBS delivered PB&F solution does not need end user maintenance.


Does this help/support with Audit requirements?

The system maintains a full audit history.


Can this help me with the regulatory returns?

It is our ambition to provide the facility to produce the required PB&F regulatory returns.


Is Cash flow forecasting included?

Yes - the full cash flow planning module forms part of our solution.


Can I access the module via my mobile device?

Yes the tool is also optimised for Mobile devices for example your iPad, iphone or Tablets.


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